Welcome to the world of Lacum Vovin,

Follow the different adventurers on their quests as they fight dragons, possibly find love, and deal with their pasts as they come back to haunt them.

Meet our Original Adventurers:

Cade Beckenshire: Half-elf Rogue

Klara Fletcher: Human Ranger

Zenthya Silvie: Elf Druid

Vash Rem: Aasimar Paladin

and their animal companions:

Dogmeat: Cade’s Dire Wolf
Beacon: Klara’s Dire Wolf
Cyra: Zenthya’s Leopard

Meet our Side Adventurers:

Shady Mota: Werewolf Elemental Assassin

Tallis Faolan: Moon Fey Soul Reaper

Andromeda: Dragon Elf Ranger

Absit Invidia

WinterWolf10 otis_olya CadeBeckenshire