Addison Lockhart

Hooker, Brothel owner


A 25 year old human female. She is of average height with a very seductive personality unless you are an asshole then she will willingly mess you up. She has a short temper when it comes to people messing with elves.

Addison has dark green eyes, with freckles dotted across her face. Her ears are pierced on both sides with 3 holes in each ear. The front of her long hair that she usually keeps up in a pony tail is her natural blonde hair color. While the back and entire pony tail is black.

She wears a choker necklace with a rose in the center. She is wearing a red dress with white frills and straps. She is also wearing sleek almost tight like black pants with simple shoes.


Addison is the twin Aidden Lockhart. She was raised by her grandmother for a few years until she passed. She along with her twin were good friends with Cade Beckenshire who she eventually slept with. When Cade left she took over the brothel with her twin. This was when she became a hooker because after she slept with Cade no one in town would marry her because she was no longer a virgin and that it was with a half-elf.

She helps elves out when ever she can by giving them a place to stay or a job if they want it.

Addison Lockhart

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