Aidden Lockhart

Barista, Brothel owner


A 25 year old human man. Taller in height with a very laid back personality.

Aidden has dark green eyes, with freckles dotted across his face. A slight stubble is along his jaw, he has a scar across his lip on the left side. His ears are pierced with 2 holes in both ears. The front of his hair is a light brown while the back is his natural blonde.

He wears a necklace with teeth on it. His shirt is white in color and he has a black jacket on over the top. He wears simple pants and boots.


Aidden is the twin brother to Addison Lockhart. They grew up raised by their grandmother until they were teenagers. He was good friends with Cade Beckenshire and one night they actually slept together. But after Cade left Aidden and his sister made it their goal to be the ones in Rorken to stand up for elves. The only way to really piss him off is to mess with his twin or mess with the girls at the brothel that him and his sister now run.

He is a Barista at the local Rorken brothel.

Aidden Lockhart

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