Ash Mota

Badass, Horseman: Conquest


A woman with long white hair down to the middle of her back the tips of her hair is a light pink color. Her eyes are the same light pink as the tips of her hair. She is wearing a white shirt that flairs out in the bottom as a skirt with pink thread swirl at the bottom. Black corset with pink ties covers the top. She has a simple leather belt with a pouch that her quiver hangs off of. She is wearing black shorts. She wears simple leather boots and leather fingerless gloves.

Conquest Description:
First of the Four disguises herself as a well mannered silver tongued traveling noble and gains the admiration and adoration of all the people she speaks to. Quick-witter and power-hungry she enjoys walking into the castles of great kings and emperors and convincing them to give up their crown to her. All but a few are able to turn down her request, and once she puts a crown on her head, all within her realm fall under her magical subjugation, carrying out her every word against their own will. She carries a sliver longbow and a quiver full of peacock-feathered arrows at her hip. She rides upon her majestic white horse Glory, and is a force to be reckoned with when she has entire armies serving under her heel.

She is written about in the book Horsemen of the Apocalypse


When the Horsemen came to this world the last time Conquest was true to her name being the first to come and causing destruction. This was the time when Conquest and Death fell in love. It was actually Death who persuaded her to stop and leave with him last time. This time when they returned conquest knows she will follow what Death asks of her again even if it means fighting her fellow horsemen.

She traveled with her husband Tadder, and her sister in law Rui. She is not really one for healing but she hopes her and her husband are the first ones to find the “creator” of the disease so she can have the pleasure of dealing with him. They did not find the “creator” but the did find a cure. Since there is no plan yet the horseman are drawn to do their duty.Conquest is being drawn to the continent of Readmont.

Ash Mota

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