Goblin in a blanket, location unknown


A very timid goblin who faint easily. Little else is known about him.


Droop was first met by the adventurers when they were exploring the Redbrands hideout. They had just killed Glassstaff and decided to sleep in his bed to rest. He happened upon them and when he was noticed by them, he fainted and the adventurers wrapped him up in a blanket. When he woke up, the adventurers used him as a a source of information about the rest of the hideout. He was blatantly ignored and forgotten by the adventurers when they were in Phandalin.

They have no idea what happened to him Zen believes he was working with Sildar.

The adventurers found out that Yegg, another goblin who worked at Cragmaw Castle, was Droop’s relative and told Zen that when she saw Droop again to kill him because they were a disgrace to the family.


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