Erwin Grayson

Merchant, Ranger


A 45 year old man who is 6’2" and weighs 178 lbs. He is a human ranger who carries a composite longbow and a longsword on him at all times.

Character Sheet
Class & Level: Ranger Hunter class, Level 6
Race: Human
Alignment: Neautral

Strength: 12 ( + 1)
Dexterity: 18 ( + 4)
Constitution: 14 ( + 2)
Intelligence: 13 ( + 1)
Wisdom: 16 ( + 3)
Charisma: 16 ( + 3)

Armor Class: 16
Speed: 30 feet
Proficiency Bonus: + 3
Max Hit Points: 52
Hit Dice: 6d10

Acrobatics (Dex): + 2
Animal Handling (Wis):
Arcana (Int):
Athletics (Str):
Deception (Cha):
History (Int):
Insight (Wis):
Intimidation (Cha):
Investigation (Int):
Medicine (Wis):
Nature (Int):
Perception (Wis): + 2
Performance (Cha):
Persuasion (Cha):
Religion (Int):
Sleight of Hand (Dex):
Stealth (Dex): + 2
Survival (Wis): + 2

Attack: + 2 to hit
Spells: 4 First Level and 2 Second Level
Spell DC: 14 (8+3+Wis Mod)
Spell Attack: +6 (3 + Wis Mod)

Composite Longbow: 110 ft range, +2 to hit, 1d8 piercing damage
Longsword: +2 to hit, 1d8 slashing damage

Favored Enemy- Dragons, Aquatic, Infernal + 4 to hit, 1d4 damage
Primeval Awareness- 1 mile or 6 miles in favored terrain
Favored Terrain- Forests and Arctic- difficult terrain doesn’t slow us down, 2x forage, better tracking
Extra Attack- 2 attacks per round
Giant Killer- use reaction to attack a large creature back if they attack you.
Sharpshooter: attacking at long range no disadvantage

Common, Draconic, Infernal, Celestial, Aquan, Infernal


When he was growing up him and his friend, Hibernius, used to hunt together. He would eventually meet and marry his beautiful wife, Evanlyn, open his own shop, and start a wonderful family. His oldest son Nikolas, his daughter Klara, and his youngest son Reiner. When the Flechers moved to Frostford, a simple business war started between them. He did not really care at first until Atlas threatened his family. One day, on a hunting trip with his eldest children, his wife was murdered and he knew that Atlas had done it and had framed him for it. Hibernius gave him time to run and find evidence to prove his innocence. Since that time when he ran, he has been traveling, trying to prove his innocence, and find out how Atlas has been able to achieve what he did.

He was recently reunited with his daughter, they had a short sad reunion, and they planned to write to each other and stay in touch.

Erwin Grayson

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