Esra Winford

Queen of Belmont, Wizard


Esra is an 18-year-old, human woman with brown hair and green eyes. Even though she’s royalty, she dresses simply and doesn’t like to express her wealth. She’s fairly level-headed and is trying her best to run her kingdom and protect her people. She also trains in the the arcane arts.


Esra is the daughter of the late King Adrian Winford. When Esra was about 15, her mother disappeared and her father claimed that she had been killed by an evil sorcerer, and that’s when her father’s delusions begun. Her father claimed that the people responsible for her mother’s death were the parents of Rowan Blackwood, who were both bards in their court at the time. Her father, wanting revenge on the ones he felt had murdered his wife, sentenced Rowan’s parents to a public execution. Sira was the one who executed them.

Side Campaign
After the adventurers assisted her in overthrowing her father, King Adrian Winford, Esra was soon crowned Queen of Belmont. Her father, who had persecuted magic users within the city and had disbanded the city’s council, had left a lot of work to be done when she came into power. Her first act as Queen was to lift the regulations on magic users within the city and her second act was to reform the council.

With a new era of peace in the city, she married Rowan and has continued to work to improve the city ever since.

Esra Winford

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