Evanlyn Grayson

Merchants wife, Deceased


She was of average height, with a slim build with slightly hidden muscles. She has long, light-brown, flowing hair that is usually pulled back into a braided bun with the bangs framing her face. Her eyes are blue-grey in color and she used to wear simple dresses that were easily moved in.


She grew up in a hunting family and eventually met and married Erwin Grayson. They would eventually move to Frostford and settle there, opening a shop called Grayson’s Trader Grove. Evanlyn and Erwin had a good life and started a family. They had 3 children Nikolas her eldest son, Klara her only daughter, and Reiner her youngest son.

When the Fletchers moved into town, it seemed that her happiness would be tested. Her husband got into a business war with the Fletchers, not too long into the war Hibernius Waicox stopped the feud.

When her family went on a hunting trip, she was murdered in her family home along with her youngest son, Reiner.

Her ghost now haunts the estate and she wants revenge on the one who killed her child. When Klara visited her old family home she had an opportunity to talk to her, giving Klara a hint to who had killed her.

Evanlyn Grayson

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