Fynn Bostor


Fynn is a dark-haired, male human with blue eyes. He’s handsome and usually wears clothing like that of a hunter. He’s usually seen around town with a warm smile on his face.


Side Campaign
When investigating Deston’s home with Sira, the adventurers found the diary of Deston’s wife, which recounted her time while her husband was in prison. A few weeks after Deston’s incarceration, his wife met Fynn and was smitten by him. Soon, they started dating. After a few months, Fynn told her that she needed to leave the city for her own safety. She didn’t do so and was killed by a man that had been arrested and executed a few months prior to the adventurers finding the diary.

In a vision while in Gravenhollow, Tallis saw Zerron, Savine, Riztel, and Fynn speaking with the man who took her niece. In this meeting, Tallis was able to hear a deal for a new drug taking place. Fynn took the man’s offer.

Fynn Bostor

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