The Dark Prince, Ruler of the Triple Realm, Demon Lord


A darkly-handsome and muscular humanoid, standing nearly nine feet tall, Graz’zt is sometimes referred to as the most humanoid of the demon lords. However, those who do say this vastly underestimate the capacity for evil in his scheming heart and usually don’t live much longer after uttering such an insult. Overall, he’s a striking physical specimen, but his demonic nature shows in his ebony skin, pointed ears, yellow fangs, the six black horns which are half-hidden by his thick dark hair, and his six-fingered hands.

He dresses in the most expensive and elegant finery and wields an acid-drenched greatsword in one hand and a profane tower shield in the other. He’s a killing machine when loosed upon the hordes of the Abyss and is also a proficient spellcaster. However, he considers his greatest weapons not to be in spellcasting or fighting, but in seduction and guile. He believes himself to be the most cunning and intelligent creature in the Abyss.

He delights in finery, pageantry, and sating his decadent desires with subjects and consorts alike, among whom incubi and succubi are his favorites.


Graz’zt is the ruler of The Triple Realm and is also known as The Dark Prince. Out of all of the demon lords, he is said to be the most scheming, having scores of plots and plans happening at one time. An erotic being by nature, he is said to have a number of offspring shattered throughout the planes. Rule-Of-Three, a Cambion rogue who works under Graz’zt, is one of his sons.

Graz’zt is a son of Asmodeus and used to be an archdevil under him. However, when Graz’zt came to the Abyss during the Blood War, he was corrupted by the chaotic nature of the plane. With his alignment shifted, he decided to keep the three layers he and his armies had conquered and rule over them, creating the Triple Realm. He is also in the process of gaining control over two more layers.

Graz’zt is also Atlas Fletcher’s half-brother and Kalona Fletcher’s uncle. Graz’zt trained Kalona for about four years and sees a lot of himself in Kalona.

Side Campaign
The adventurers were summoned to meet with Graz’zt after hiring Rule-Of-Three to find the location of the demon who possessed Deston. Upon meeting with Graz’zt, they learned that the demon, Berrus, was a traitor in his eyes, due to the fact that Berrus was collecting souls to gain power to defy his reign. Graz’zt wanted his revenge against Berrus, and since the adventurers told Rule-Of-Three that they were here to kill Berrus, he wanted to make sure that they would not stand in his way.

The adventurers agreed to not get in his way as long as Graz’zt promised that Berrus would eventually be killed. With an agreement in place, they spoke with him as they waited for Rule-Of-Three to bring Berrus in. During this time, Shady made a joint venture with Graz’zt. The agreement was that Graz’zt will supply Shady with teeth from the fallen creatures of his labrinyth and in return, Shady will make him a tooth golem. The adventurers also found out a bit about Graz’zt and before leaving, they told him that he was welcome to visit them on the Material Plane.

A couple months after the adventurers returned from the Abyss, they found themselves in the Underdark, where a few demon lords had been wreaking havoc. Eventually, they stumbled upon a lone traveler, a handsome blonde-haired young man, who recognized Tallis and Shady almost immediately. Graz’zt revealed himself to the party then, saying that he took up the disguise of his nephew, Kalona, to avoid some of the dangers of the Underdark. However, he hadn’t been extremely successful because even though the majority of the demon followers of his rival demon lords no longer attacked him, the denizens of the Underdark still did.

Graz’zt told the group that he was trying to find a way to the surface, since he knew how to return to his realm from there and he wanted to visit his nephew, or to an ancient library located somewhere in the Underdark, and decided to follow them for a while since they were heading in the direction he thought he needed to go to get to the library and were trying to find a way to the surface.

It was revealed to the party that, while in the Underdark, the demon lords still had their ability to warp the landscape around them due to the fact that the walls of the cavern around Graz’zt began to become mirrored as they spoke to him. However, he did tell the party that he had no power to control it like he could when he was in his realm.

Graz’zt was with the party when they went to the Neverlight Grove and witnessed Zuggtmoy’s corruption on the area. He also stood with Shady and Tallis as they saw her true form. He also stood with them in their fight in Blingdenstone against the Pudding King, a deep gnome driven mad by the demon lord, Juiblex.

He returned to the surface with the adventurers, where he stayed in their keep for the most part, keeping mostly to himself. He did attend Sira and Reylar’s wedding, where he had a brief conversation with the Raven Queen. Their conversation didn’t last long, but it was easy to tell that Graz’zt was nervous speaking with her again and he eventually opened up to her about some things. She seemed to take note of his honesty.

While on the surface, he impregnated one of the adventurers’ cooks and the Belmont News Correspondent from The Dawning Mirror. Eventually, he returned to the Underdark with the adventurers as they made their way towards the ancient library, Gravenhollow.


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