Hibernius Waicox

Baron of Frostford, Hunter


A 39-year-old human male that is tall with a slightly muscular build from hunting over the years. He wears simple clothes that are made of hardy material for hunting. He has blue, gentle-looking eyes, dark-brown hair that goes slightly past his ears in length, and he has a slight goatee.


Baron of the Town of Frostford. Hibernius is married to Calla Waicox. He used to just be a normal hunter, who happened to be a noble. His marriage to Calla was an arranged one. He used to be old hunting buddies with Erwin Grayson when they were younger.

He had to interject when the Grayson vs. Fletcher business war got to out of hand. Soon after Evanlyn and her son Reiner were found murdered in their family home, all evidence pointed to Erwin. He gave him time to escape town before he had to arrest him for his wife’s murder.

He now keeps up the Grayson estate and waits for a way to prove his friend’s innocence.

He just had a baby with his wifeCalla Waicox. His son’s name is Lucian aka Lucky.

Hibernius Waicox

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