Jameiros "Jamie"

Employee at the Crimson Raven, Tallis' Boyfriend


Jameiros, who usually goes by the name, “Jamie,” is a male, sun elf. He has bronze skin and has black hair and golden eyes. He dresses in a lot of greens with simple golden embroidery. He’s charming but not pushy.


Jamie doesn’t talk much about his past. He’s been a slave for most of his life but he started working for Savine, as a male prostitute, after she bought him and freed him. He has faint scars on his wrists from the shackles he had to wear and scars on his back from lashings he received from his former masters. Because of his job at The Crimson Raven, he works with Reylar, relaying the information he hears from the underground dealings of the Boar District to the Belmont Master of Secrets.

He started dating Tallis here recently and is considering leaving his job at the Crimson Raven because of his feelings for her. He’s told her things about his past that he hasn’t talked about with anyone else, like that his mother was a believer of Melora.

Jameiros "Jamie"

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