A purplish maroon tiefling with longer dark hair. He has a tiefiling tail, with slight horns poking out of his hair. He as a slight russian-esk accent.

Character Sheet
Class & Level: Rouge/Warlock, Assassin/ Patron of the Raven Queen, Level 19
Race: Tiefling

Strength: 12 ( + 1)
Dexterity: 20 (+ 5)
Constitution: 16 (+ 3)
Intelligence: 16 (+ 3)
Wisdom: 18 (+ 4)
Charisma: 18 (+ 4)

Armor Class: 18
Speed: 30ft
Max Hit Points: 175

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Thieves Cant, Dwarven, Elven, Undercommon, Deep Speech


He is the founder of the Genovesan Assassins Guild. He is a champion of the Raven Queen. He devoted his life to her after a series of life events. His father is Graz’zt and his mother was a human named Khiala Zinnia. While running the worlds assassin guild he also runs a Brothel called the Sperpents Den in Noragate and is a part of the merchant’s guild there.

Khiala & Kisora’s Story
Khiala was a beautiful woman from Vocans. She had been a priestess in training for the god Pelor as a family tradition. She hated it but did what she was told. When she met the infamous Graz’zt she knew instinctually that he was evil but she was ok with that. He put in the effort to seduce her and she found out who he was and decided to have sex with him anyway knowing he would leave soon after. She decided to stray from family tradition in a big way. As she expected he left soon after.

About a month later she found out she was pregnant. She knew she should feel ashamed in some way instead she felt happy she had always wanted a family. She decided not to tell her family or the clergy. Though they all found out when she started to show. She quickly received ire from the clergy because they are to marry spouses approved to keep spiritual lines pure and she had gone against that. She was taken before the head of the clergy and was tried for her crime. Though a series of questions and magical means they found out the child was from evil blood they told her she can get rid of it now or be cast out as a traitor and not be in Pelor’s holly light ever again. So she left heading back to her family.

When her family found out what the clergy had said and that she wanted to keep the child hated her. Her mother sequestered herself in her room and mourned for her as if she was dead. Her older brother looked at her as if she were a common core. Her father told her that his daughter died and she was just some witch that wore her face and struck her telling her to leave and never come back. She had disgraced them and had no place there anymore so she went to her last hope her younger sister. They had always been close especially when she was going to follow her sister in the the priestess hood. Her sister treated her as if she was evil it broke her heart. She soon left Pendle traveling with no money nothing. She would over the next few months make her way to Scorch a small town where she would give birth to a young tiefling boy alone. It was late when she first saw Kisora a part of her thought she would begin to regret what she had done instead all she Feld was love for her wonderful son.

His mother had many issues finding work especially when people would find out about him. She went from job to bod discussed with how people acted just because of her son. Eventually they met Ranis a warlock with a pact with the Raven Queen. He would take his mother and him under his care for the next 2 years. Teaching his mother about his patron goddess and how to survive a harsh world by stealing. His mother quickly embraced both. After 2 years Ranis had to leave but told his mother “Our Queen is always with us”. Over the next 3 years his mother kept them fed and alive as towns people began to start shunning them. Because of this they secluded themselves away from the city a bit.

At the ripe age of 6 his mother started to teach him about the Raven Queen and how she is always watching over them and not to fear death. He would also soon take up training with stealing like his mother. Living outside of Scorch was hard they were shunned constantly and people began to pick on him. He would begin to grow disinterest and anger toward the people in Scorch especially those who he would see treat his mother bad. One day he brought up the question to his mom why people hatted him. She told him they were just scared of him because he was different. As he would get older she would tell him about his father and her family. He asked her once why would she go through with if if she knew people would hate her. She had just smiled and kissed him on the forehead and said because I got you out of it. When Kisora was at the age of 14 tension between his family and the city became even more tense. There had been a horrible drought for the past 2 years and things were going to hell in town. The town blamed him for it.

Kisora’s world changed the day some men of the city came to get rid of their “Issue”. They quickly subdued him and because of that his mother stopped fighting. They made him watch as his mother was used like the common hore the city thought she was. After they burnt down the only home Kisora had known. It was only when they were going to kill him did his mother attack again. After a lot of fighting with one man dead both his mother and him heavily injured fleas into the desert. They ran for what seemed like hours before his mother collapsed. After coming to her side he knew she was dying and so did she. His mother placed a calming hand on his cheek as he started to cry and said “Kisora don’t cry you knew this would happen eventually everything dies.” He replied to her “I know mother I…. just did not think it would be this soon.” She comforted him as best as she could “I will be with our Goddess soon and she will look after you until I see you again”. He continued to cry even harder when herd his mother say “Raven Queen please look after my son he has only had trouble in his life and he can do so much more.” Kisora held his mothers hand until she died late into the night. He had buried her as best as he could and then began to wander aimlessly. He was numb to the world around him. 2 weeks of endless wandering when one night he was camped when raiders attacked him. He ended up killing them all standing there covered in blood from his mother, himself and the raiders he just seemed to give into his grief falling to his knees he screamed out into the night and began to cry. Once he had cried himself to exhaustion the only thing he felt was hatred for those who had done this to him. As he slumped to the sand he said to the night air “Raven Queen I want to ask you a favor. Help me get revenge…..If you do I will devout what ever time I have left to you I will be what ever you need even if it is just a cold killer”. As he laid there about to fall unconscious he seemed to hear something that sounded like a women voice say “As you wish”.

The next morning as he came to he looked around the camp and noticed a raven. He did not know it yet but he would bond with that raven and would become the best of friends. The raven would eventually lead him to Croak Island where he would meet Zeseis an older tiefling women who would take care of him and train him for years to come. Over those years Kisora would learn to embrace the charm he inherited from his father and the skills from his mother. At the age of 25 he left his new home so he could get revenge. On his way to Scorch he was delayed in Norgate because of a storm. He stayed at the brothel since the inns were full he actually became quick friends with one of the women who worked there. While there he saw how horrible the workers were being treated as if they were the owners property and not humanoids. He knew he should do something to stop it but he could not delay his revenge so he left.

When he made it to Scorch he ended up killing many of those who had wronged his family for many years. After he thought he would feel better that the heavyness in his heart would leave but it did not. At the time he did know know his reputation of a killer would begin to spread across Vocans. He left to go back to Norgate to seek the council of his new friend who seemed to know what to say and what he was feeling. When he arrived he was her broken and used he asked her who had done this it was her boss. Kisora was angry what gave this man the right to do that to another person. In his anger he cornered the man alone and told him his life was over and killed him. Not knowing the consequence of his actions the brothel was going to be shut down with many loosing their jobs. So Kisora felt the need to help these people so he stayed he started up what would become the now day Serpents Den where anyone could work and there was no tolerating anything bad happening. Even though he felt good about what he had done there was still a pull to help others in need. So he left vowing to come back and maid his way to the most evil place he could think of Scorch.

On the outside of Scorch where his childhood home used to stand he created what would become the assassin’s guild. There he could watch over the evil town and knew it would draw evil near with the temptation of power. With his previous reputation the guild flourished with Kisora personally picking missions for members to go on. Most were to help less fortunate and if they were for evil needs he charged outrageous amounts as a fee and most of those people found new identities. With his new jobs of helping all kinds of people he knew most of the hatred he had carried for so long was gone. There was just one last thing he had to do.

He found his aunt and uncle alive with families of there own. He was able to tell them about his mothers death. They thanked him for telling him then told him that they did not want to see him again. He thought he would have anger towards them instead he only felt sadness. Kisora would begin to run the guild and the brothel splitting his time between both. He would not harbor as much anger as he used to choosing a more calm approach. His goddess would call upon him a few times but he was always willing to listen to her. his suedo mother Zeseis would eventually move to Scorch and run a tavern. He made sure everyone knew not to bother her or cause trouble.

To this day he runs the brothel and guild with help.He has had many disappointments with guild members but others he is proud of. He enjoys meeting new people and seeing how life has treated them so far and hoping to bring a bit of good into the world by getting rid of evil.


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