Lady Eshreal

Arena Sponsor, Horseman: War


A woman with an accent that sounds like she is from Vocans. She has long golden hair that is twisted and flows over one shoulder with silver eyes that seem to cut to your soul. She wears silver armor with a red under shirt with black pants and brown boots. Over her other shoulder you can see a great sword on her back with what looks like a red tinted blade.

Description of War
Continually seeking out chaos and destruction. War disguises herself as soldier or noblewoman. Finding unrest in small villages or great kingdoms. War feeds the fire to the flames of disgruntled serfs or unhappy nobles driving them to commit acts of violence that quickly escalates to full-fledged battles and sometimes world covering wars. With every arrow shot and every sword swung she grows stronger, feeding off the world’s chaos.

War wields a tremendous great sword that seems to always glisten with blood. She rides his flaming red (chestnut) horse Ruin and is physically the strongest of the four horsemen capable of defeating almost any warrior in combat.

She is written about in the book Horsemen of the Apocalypse


When the horseman cam to the world the last time War was very true to her name. She was active in every war all over the world. When she needed help from her fellow horseman to stop a group of adventures from stopping their plans the only one to help was Famine. Because of this the horseman were defeated and have been in slumber until they were ready to rise again.

This time War is ready she and Famine have a plan don’t rely on Conquest or Death to be there when needed since they were so easily defeated last time. Before she begins her plans as a horseman she wanted to witness the tournament at the Bladed Shadow Arena located in Aspienne. She even hosted a dinner with all the participants coming to meet her before the tournament could even begin. Since the tournament has just ended War is being drawn to the Whispering Wollds.

Lady Eshreal

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