Nikolas Grayson



He is a 23-year-old male, with dark brown hair that’s almost black in color. He has blue -grey eyes. His build is thinner and is 6 feet tall.

He now has a slightly more muscular build than he had when he was last home. He also grew a beard.


Nikolas was born in Frostford to Erwin and Evanlyn. He had a simple childhood, growing up with his sister, Klara. He learned to hunt and learned about the merchant trade from his father. After his brother, Reiner, was born, he became more interested in starting his own business. When his mother and brother were killed and his father was blamed, he left his family home.

None of his family has seen or heard from him since.

He now lives in Noragate now
He changed his last name to Griemshaw to hide from his family and the Flechers.

Soon after his father ran he was contacted by Hibernius Waicox so that he could take over everything his family owned. He refused and disowned his family especially his father who he believes is a failure for not saving his mother.

He started Grienshaw Trading co. and has done very well over these last 4 years. He was eventually tracked town by Atlas and had to give him a vial of his blood so that he would leave him in peace and let him know if he ever saw his sister or father again.

He married Vancha Griemshaw who is also his secretary and they just had a baby girl named Alanna.

Nikolas Grayson

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