Reylar Ventoris

Assassin, Master of Secrets, Belmont Council Member


Reylar is a 35-year-old, male half-elf with shoulder-length black hair that is half pulled back with two narrow braids He has grey eyes and his face is fairly plain but it’s easy to see his elven heritage, he has a short, but well-kept beard. His skin is pale, he has a fairly strong build, and he’s 6 feet tall. He wears a black cloak and a black shirt under black studded leather armor that’s adorned with traces of silver embroidery, and there’s a small, silver raven skull hanging off of a thin silver chain around his neck. He can come across as a fairly serious person, but he’s actually fairly laid-back and easy-going.


Reylar came to Belmont with Sira when he was 29. During the six years he lived in the city, he became Master of Secrets, or Seeker, and a member of the city council under the rule of King Adrian Winford.

He is Sira’s husband and currently, the couple is expecting twins.

Side Campaign

The adventurers, Tallis and Shady, don’t know a lot about Reylar. They first met him when they met Sira in her office within the castle when they accepted the job to find the “kidnapped” princess and they have worked with him a few times since then.

What the adventurers have found out about him is that he’s in a relationship with Sira and has been for quite some time. Recently, he asked Sira to move in with him, and she accepted. Also, they know that he wants to marry Sira, but Sira isn’t too keen on the idea, and that both of his parents are alive.

After the adventurers returned from their journey in the Underdark, Sira and Reylar told them that they were going to get married soon, once their friends had gathered for their wedding. About a month after the adventurers received their invitation, the couple wed.

A few months after they were married, Sira found out that she was pregnant and with some unfortunate timing due to the fact that they didn’t know that they would be invited to go back to the Underdark with Tallis and Shady, they are hoping that they can get back to the surface before their children are born.

His keep neighbors Tallis’ and Shady’s keep and he also has a raven that can deliver messages.

Reylar Ventoris

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