Riztel Kilani


Riztel is a male drow with charcoal-colored skin, long white hair, and lilac eyes. He wears a pair of dark-lensed glasses as well as finely-make, dark-colored clothing. He looks to be in his late twenties.


Side Campaign
The adventurers first met him under the name, Veldrin Despar, the owner of The Brewed Awakening in Belmont. He asked them to collect 5 vials of black dragon blood for him. The adventurers completed the quest, but later found of that he was not actually Veldrin.

In a vision while in Gravenhollow, Tallis saw Zerron, Savine, Riztel, and Fynn speaking with the man who took her niece. In this meeting, Tallis was able to hear a deal for a new drug taking place. Riztel accepted the man’s offer.

He also put an advertisement in The Dawning Mirror for a quest similar to the one the adventurers had already completed under the name, Argan.

Riztel Kilani

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