Rowan Blackwood

Queen of Belmont's Consort, Bard


Rowan is a young, human man, probably no older than 18, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a clean, tailored white shirt under a red vest. He seems a bit nervous at times, especially when he starts to be questioned.


Rowan and his parents worked int the court of the late King Adrian Winford. When Rowan was about 15, Queen Winford disappeared and King Winford claimed that she had been killed by an evil sorcerer, and that’s when the King’s delusions begun. He claimed that the people responsible for the Queen’s death were his parents, who were both bards in their court at the time. The King, wanting revenge on the ones he felt had murdered his wife, sentenced Rowan’s parents to a public execution. Sira was the one who executed them.

After that, he left the court and started working at The Crimson Raven as a part of the wait staff.

Side Campaign
He assisted Tallis and Shady, and his girlfriend at the time, Esra, help overthrow King Adrian Winford. With a new era of peace in the city, she married Rowan and has continued to work to improve the city ever since.

Rowan Blackwood

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