Rui Yasha



She has dark, shoulder-length, brown hair with blue tips. She has blue eyes that match her hair tips. She is wearing simple, shin-high, leather boots. She wears black pants and a leather pack with a leg and waist belt, a white sash with the Raven Queen symbol in dark-blue. She also wears a dark-blue top with one shoulder. On that shoulder is leather armor with raven feathers on it, and she has 2 swords in scabbards crossed on her back. One has a green hilt (Hitsuga) and the other a blue hilt (Alga).


She has traveled with her brother Tadder and her sister-in-law Ash to rid Colonmel of a new disease. She now travels around, looking for the one who created the disease so she can stop them.

Rui Yasha

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