Sean Von Vallas

Mayor of Rorken, Deceased


A middle age man, who wears lavish clothing. He has 2 rings on him one has a jewel on it the other a symbol. He is also known to have a constant set of keys on him that has the jail, his house, and a specific room in the brothel.


Sean Von Vallas became mayor of Rorken after his father passed be became drunk on power and became money corrupted. He was married and had a son Erak. A few years after Erak was born his wife died because of an incident with an elf passing through the town. This started an extreme hatred against elves in Sean. He also became very obsessed with making his son as happy as he could be not matter what. This caused Erak to become a pompous jerk as he grew up. When Cade Beckenshire killed Erak with a flowerpot it caused Sean to finally break. When he could not find Cade to exact his revenge he started taking it out on the towns people in different ways. By making taxes more extreme, being more harsh with the laws especially against elves.

He now frequents the city brothel when he is not using his elven slaves.

Sean Von Vallas

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