Sildar Hallwinter

Lord's Alliance member, Warrior


A 50-year-old, retired, human warrior. For more information, check out the Lost Mine of Phandelver D&D story plot.


He was revived by the adventurer’s when they were exploring Cragmaw Hideout. He was looking for an old friend, Iarno Albrok. He decided to stay in Phandalin and help set up a good government there.

When Zenthya met Sildar, she instantly did not trust him. This caused a confrontation in Phandalin town square when the adventurer’s returned from the Redbrand’s Hideout with Iarno’s dead body along with them. Zenthya believed that Sildar was in on Iarno’s plot and she attacked him. He defeated her by giving her a black eye and knocking her out.

When Klara found out that she had killed Sildar’s friend, she asked him if he could talk to her. She talked to him about how she was sorry for what she had done.

Sildar did nothing but watch when Cade assassinated the last Redbrand, who was in the Phandalin jail.

Sildar Hallwinter

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