Sira Ventoris

Blood Hunter, Captain of the Guard, Belmont Council Member


Sira is a 32-year-old, human female with long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back. She usually has it up in a bun and is rarely seen with it down. Her eyes are piercing blue in color. They are usually intense and glaring. They are the telltale giveaway of how she’s feeling since she’s able to hide her emotions on the rest of her face. Her facial features are simple, but if she didn’t seem so intense all of the time, it would be easy to see that she was fairly pretty. Her face is usually stoic, but she does crack a smile or a smirk from time to time. She’s fairly slender, and is 5 feet 5 inches tall, but it’s easy to tell that she has a bit of strength to her by her lean muscling.

She usually wears a high-collared, long-sleeved, black shirt under a set of fine studded leather armor with black riding pants, and black knee-high riding boots. She wears black fingerless gloves and black, leather bracers. Under her gloves, you can sometimes see bandages on her hands. She has a black belt, which holds her shortswords, one on each hip and has a quiver for crossbow bolts on her thigh. Her crossbow is usually in the holster on her back. Very rarely, she wears a dark blue dress that has a fairly deep V neck cut, the bottom hem of the dress reaches her mid-calf, and has sleeves that reach her elbows before flaring out a bit. With the dress, she wears a black leather bodice, her black boots, and the black scarf that was made for her by a werewolf. Her hair is usually down when she’s wearing her dress.


Sira came to Belmont with Reylar when she was about 26. There, she joined the city guard and over six years of living within the city, she eventually became the Captain of the Guard, or Arbiter, and a member of the city council under the rule of King Adrian Winford.

Before she became a Blood Hunter and started dating Reylar, she was a part of a group, who followed a Dark Lord and was in a relationship with an incubus named Uriel. She did not know of Uriel’s true nature until after the group dissolved, and she made it her goal to find him and kill him. She was able to do when she went to Zelatar with Tallis and Shady.

She is Reylar’s wife and the couple is currently expecting twins.

Side Campaign

The adventurers, Tallis and Shady, do not know too much about Sira. They first met her and Reylar in her office in the castle when they accepted the job to find the “kidnapped” princess since she was the one they were sent to by King Adrian to get more information. They have also worked with her a few times since.

By speaking with the people in the city, the adventurers know that she isn’t trusted because of her dark past working for a Dark Lord, who tried to take over the world and was defeated by a young wizard. Tallis and Shady also know that Sira and Reylar are in a relationship and have been for many years. They also know that Sira killed Rowan’s parents because she was ordered to do so by King Adrian.

To Sira’s slight dismay, Tallis seems to have taken a liking to Sira as the adventurer constantly tries to convince her to be happy.

The adventurers were able to convince Sira to move in with Reylar after some time. Soon after this, Sira asked the adventurers to come with her to Araluen to take Deston to the Blood Hunters after she figured out that he was bound to a demon. They did so and their journey led them to the Abyss to kill the demon once and for all with her former training partner, Travis Morgan, and a cleric of Bahamut who had been hired by the Blood Hunters. They were successful in doing so in a way, because Graz’zt imprisoned the demon for his own personal revenge with the promise that it would never see the light of day again. Successful, they returned to the surface and returned home.

After the adventurers returned from their journey in the Underdark, Sira and Reylar told them that they were going to get married soon, once their friends had gathered for their wedding. About a month after the adventurers received their invitation, the couple wed.

A few months after they were married, Sira found out that she was pregnant and with some unfortunate timing due to the fact that they didn’t know that they would be invited to go back to the Underdark with Tallis and Shady, they are hoping that they can get back to the surface before their children are born.

Sira Ventoris

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