Tadder Yasha

Healer, Horseman: Death


He has short green hair. He has blue eyes. He is wearing simple, black-leather boots and brown pants. He wears a black shirt with a green scarf around his neck. He has a leather belt with a small pack on the back. Another belt goes across his chest that holds his scythe (Shika) on his back. This also holds leather armor onto his shoulder. He also has leather glove on one side and a spiked-looking gauntlet on the other.

Death Description:
The final and most dangerous of the four horsemen. Death travels the world as a hooded person seeking out the old and dying to put to final rest. Whenever death passes through a town the number of deadly diseases grows, there is an increase in the number of life-taking accidents, and a sense of looming despair follows him wherever he goes. Although he does not seek to increase his own power just being in his presence drains even the greatest man of his strength and will to carry on. Death always wields his canonical scythe and rides upon his pale horse Despair. He is the last of the four horsemen because he brings the final stroke to the lives of those subjected to the other 3.

He is written about in the book Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Death has never really enjoyed his work as a horseman. He much more prefers his every day to day life of helping ferry the dead with the help of the Raven Queen who presides over the moment of death. The last time the horseman came he was approached by Syreth and his party members. It was actually his interactions with Syreth that led him to convince Conquest to leave making the defeat of the horseman that more easy.

Even before the horseman were planning to rise again. He planned to have a replacement take over for him when he could no longer do anything until he had fulfilled his horseman requirements. His replacement is Tallis Fallon.

He came to Colonmel with his sister, Rui, and his wife, Ash, to try to stop the new disease that was spreading. Thanks to the adventurers, they were successful and created a cure. Recently, him and Ash ran into the adventurers again and gave them a ride to Aspienne. Since then him and Ash have been pulled in separate directions by their horseman nature. He is heading to Vocans but while there he plans to keep tabs on his replacement.

Tadder Yasha

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