Tallis Faolan

Soul Reaper, Side Campaign


A 23-year-old moon fey, who stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is of a thin build weighing only 112lbs. She has golden yellow eyes, with long silver hair that she just usually wears down. Her ears look like wolf ears because of her moon fey ancestry and are located on top of her head. She usually wears a black shirt with purple thread, black pants, dark brown boots. Over that she wears her dark colored leather armor, with her new death cloak on top with her scythe strapped to her back.

Character Sheet
Class & Level: Soul Reaper, Level 9
Race: Moon Fey
Alignment: Neutral

Strength: 16 ( + 3)
Dexterity: 18 ( + 4)
Constitution: 18 ( + 4)
Intelligence: 12 ( + 1)
Wisdom: 14 ( + 2)
Charisma: 10 ( + 0)

Armor Class: 18
Speed: 30 feet
Proficiency Bonus: + 4
Max Hit Points: 86

Arcana (Int): + 2
Perception (Wis): + 2
Religion (Int): + 2
Stealth (Dex): + 6

Common, Sylvan, Abyssal, Infernal

Mother: Anasriele Faolan – Deceased
Father: Aravan Faolan – Deceased
Older Brother: Skylar Faolan – Deceased
Sister In Law: Leslenna Falavir – Deceased
Niece: Kamaria Faolan – Alive

Kill Gimben
Kill Jaren Whitlock
Save Kamaria
Back talk as many gods as she can has accomplished this with Bahamut, Demogorgon, Graz’zt, Callarduran Smoothhands, Zuggtmoy, Also not to his face but Pelor


Before Adventuring:
The first thing I remember is fighting, I grew up around fighting. Whether it was the humans attacking the village or listening to my parents and the council fighting while my brother and I were hiding to listen in. All the adults tried to keep it from us children to not let it scare us. But I was not afraid because my parents would keep us safe.

It happened a few days later. The council told us all that the war with the humans had ended and the last of our warriors were coming home with the dead so they could be buried. It was when the warriors returned that my life first took a turn. The warriors gathered outside the counsel building and laid the dead out for mourning. I ran among the warriors looking for my parents I could not find them but did not think anything of it. I decided to look inside the counsel building thinking maybe they already got back to work. As I walked inside I could see my brother talking with Gimben the council adviser. There were 2 bodies lying on the tables covered with a sheet as I walked closer I could see the hand of one person from under the sheet. I walked closer curious why these 2 bodies were inside and not out with the others. As I was about to lift the sheet on one of the bodies I heard my brother begin to cry. I turned back to look at him I remember thinking Gimben was a big meenie for making my brother cry. Gimben was hugging Skylar telling him that it would be all right that he would help him. I remember turning back to the sheet wondering yet again why mom and dad were not there to comfort Skylar as I pulled back the sheet I understood.

The next few days I watched as my brother was thrust in a place of power with no training. The dead were taken back to Volana Aseraha in the Feywild for burial. We stayed there for a few months as my brother was trained for his position.

When we returned to the material plane we moved the town deeper into the Winterwaste to be farther away from the humans who had destroyed our lives. Many of the people wanted to get revenge for what had happened to us. Skylar put an end to those thoughts quickly by reminding us what we lost the last time we fought the humans. Instead he encouraged us to distance ourselves from them as much as we could.

Over the next few years all I did was train to become one of the village’s warriors when I was older. When not training I would participate in the council against Skylar’s and Gimbens wishes. When not doing either of those things I usually was away from the village running around in my wolf form. I hated the feeling of being trapped in town. It did not help that when Skylar became the leader of the Moon Fey he seemed to distance himself from me more and more over the years. And running in my wolf form gave me a reason to burn off the anger I felt at the world for taking away everything from me. Dramatic I know but I was young and for me loosing all my family in one fell swoop was difficult.

We visited Volana Aseraha every year for the winters crest festival. It was a time for both sections of the clans to get together and give advice about what has happened over the previous year. I usually went to our parent’s grave and told them about what happened to Skylar and me that year.

I was 14 during one of these festivals when Skylar announced his engagement to Leslenna Falavir a Moon Elf. I was mad how could he fall in love with her and plan to get married with out telling me. But I ended up really liking Leslenna when I got to know her and it was thanks to her Skylar and I over the next few years grew back closer together. Because she hated the thought of us being estranged she would travel back with us after the festival. Life went on as normal for a few years one of the times I happened upon the town Winterwastes it was a mostly pleasant town. I would start coming back here often to explore and get to interact with the people who hated us so much. I would eventually meet_ Jaren Whitlock_ who would be the start of my downfall.

Jaren and I met one day when I decided to walk the city streets he was older than me by 4 years and handsome gods he was interesting but I should have walked away that day and never looked back. We would become friends or so I thought. Life went on my brother Skylar and Leslenna had a beautiful daughter my wonderful niece Kamaria. I became closer friends with Jaren never truly telling him much about my family or village. I was glad I did that motherfucker betrayed me.

I was 21 years old when Jaren invited me for a walk out in the winterwastes. He had planned for many members of the Allies of the Light to ambush me I was quickly overpowered. When I next came to I had no idea where I was but I was a prisoner of the Allies of the Light. Over the next 3 days I went through hell they wanted the location of my home so they could finish us off. I think I might of impressed one of them since I never cracked under their torture. The bright light of that time was when Jaren visited me on the third day he thought I might still care for him he was so wrong. When he caressed my face I bit his wrist as hard as I could I knew I drew blood and I was so proud of that. I was left alone soon after that at the time I had no idea why but it was the perfect opportunity for me to try and escape. It took me awhile but I was able to get free lucky for me there was only one guard left to watch over me so I was easily able to take him out.

I quickly returned to Zima my home to see our warriors engaged in combat with the horrible Allies of the light. I knew I had to see if my family was ok we had plans in place if we were ever attacked again. When I made it to Skylar and Leslenna’s home I saw the door broken down. I began to panic I quickly ran in side to see the second worst thing in my life Leslenna was there on the floor clearly dead. I quickly called out for Kamaria thinking maybe she was hidden away when no response came I knew I had to find Skylar. I ran through town quickly as I could heading to where I thought Skylar might be. As I approached I could see him fighting with a group of people he was easily dispatching them after the last fell I called out to him. He turned to me distracted by my call not paying attention to those he had just felled who were not dead yet. I watched in horror as my brother fell I quickly ran to him hoping there was something I could do. I clutched him in my arms as he lay there and smiled at me “hey sis where you been?” I replied that I had been busy and was so sorry for not being here quicker. He looked at up at me and said seriously “hey Tallis can you promise me something?” I replied anything you want. He held is had up for me to grasp once I did he said “I want you to look after the rest of our family and once they are safe, I want you to stop those who had done this to us then be the leader for our people I know you to be.” I will freely admit I was crying when I vowed to him I would. Before he passed I told him that our parents would have been proud of him and I was glad he was my big brother.

I knew I had to find Kamaria and soon. I began searching the city as quickly as possible. During my searching I happened to see one of the people who had me captive. I followed them to the outskirts of the city where they met up with a group of others. I stayed hidden waiting to see what they were doing. I was surprised to see Gimben of all people approach the group he was never a fighter. Gimben began talking “ Take the child and the girl you already have and leave.” I knew the girl they were talking about was I but who was the child? The other groups leader agreed I was so interested in what they were talking about I did not hear the group sneak up on me. I was quickly dragged before the group that was when I noticed the child they mentioned was my niece Kamaria. I don’t remember all the profanity that I yelled at Gimben he quickly walked forward and slapped me across the face. After that I became silent Gimben seemed to take that as I was defeated he then told me “ why you stupid girl you did this to yourself caring for humans like you do.” Gimben quickly looked up to the leader of the other group and said “ I would like to make a change to our arrangement she dies now” pointing to me. The other man nodded as Gimben quickly came toward me. I struggled but my captures held me the last thing in my life I saw was Gimben stab me to death.

Its weird feeling your life drain from your body knowing there is nothing you can do about it. I remember feeling disappointed in myself for not keeping my promise to Skylar to keep Kamaria safe. Quickly darkness consumed my consciousness I felt noting after that.

Slowly I could feel my limbs they were tingling as if they were asleep. It felt as if I was floating nothing really hurt anymore that was nice. As more feeling came back to me I could vaguely hear a man and a woman talking. I heard the man say “she is perfect, she wants revenge so she is motivated to do what I ask”. The woman replied, “I don’t think that is a good idea her soul needs to rest and move on not be used to be your replacement.” The man replied to her “fine why don’t we let her decide?” I could feel the presence of 2 people approach me, I opened my eyes to see nothing but darkness. Out of the darkness the same mans voice asked me “Do you want an opportunity for revenge against those who harmed those you cared about? Do you want to save your niece?” I quickly replied yes because that is what I wanted another chance to help Kamaria, and get revenge on Gimben and Jaren. The mans voice replied, “ I want you to think about what you are agreeing you. You would be working for me if I ask you to do anything you do it no questions asked.” Yet again I replied that yes that is what I wanted. He replied to me “Ok when you awaken again on the material plane take the items I will give to you and travel to Arridia you will be needed there in the future”.

I would awaken on the material plane during a blizzard with a tattered grey cloak and a scythe next to it. That is where the story about my past end and where my current story begins.

Tallis Faolan

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