This town is the capital of the continent of Arulen. This town is the biggest central town of trade where if you want something is is probably sold here in some form or another wheather it is part of the normal or illegal variety. Caster is ruled over by the Starling family which has ruled for a few generations now.

The town is separated in to different sections to distinguish class, businesses, trades ect.

Redwood Section:
This is the royal section only those who have permission may enter this area. It is heavly guarded by castle and city guard. Only people allowed are advisors/ council, those with permission, and the royal family.

Juniper Section:
This is where all the higher class citizens live or those who can pay their way in.

Willow Section:
All the merchants in this town are located here if you are looking for something this is a good place to start.

Oak Section:
This is where the guard’s houses are located also this is where the jail and the Quisitor’s headquarters are located.
They soon will be investigating the death of the old Quisitor Vincent Langnar.

Cedar Section:
This is where everyone else lives and where most travelers who come to the town stay.

Hemlock Section:
This is more of the slums / shady part of the town. More adult like entertainment can be found here along with the more illegal things.

Elm Section:
This is where information can be found the local lyceum and library are located in this part of town.

Pine Section:
This is the agricultural part of town mostly made up of lush farm land.

Yew Section:
This is the part of town where the dead are buried and where all the clergy are located.

Important People
Royal Family
King: Henri Starling
Queen: Alyss Starling
Princess: Lilia Starling
Council Officers:
Dwarven Representative: Thrang Silversmith
Elven Representative: Acheron Forsyth
Dragonborn Representative: Medciar Vunal-Ixen
Arcanist: Malencia Vale
Arbiter/ Captain of the Guard: Keludur the Beast
Guardian/ Master of Defense: Galvic Threebane
Master of Trade: Veralyn Dreamlight
Master of Secrets/ Seeker: Sean (Jack) McLoughlin
Mark Fishbach Wilford Warfstache’s Magical Emporium
Crown Jewels: Mark told the adventurers about a crown that was stolen from him and he asked them to bring it back to him if they found it.
Old friends are Killer: Jack made a joking comment that if the players ever went to Vocans and met a man named billy who knew him they should totally shank him in the kidney.
We are Innocent!: When the adventurers first arrived a man bumped into them planting assassination plans on them and set them up to take the fall. The adventures were eventually able to get free and decided to help the royal family get the people who attempted on the princesses life.
Where did it go: the fake assassination was used to steal the royal seal from the castle and the adventurers were tasked to get the seal back.


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