This town is surrounded by high wall to protect it from the creatures that might wander in from the Rostfell mountains. Also the walls have stopped sieges in the past especially since this town is the place where most trade stops before join over the mountains to Chipenden. Traveling between the two towns makes it an easy place to be robbed.

Recently someone has traveled to Colonmel and brought with them a disease which was killing a lot of the town’s people. This was stopped by the adventures getting supplies for the foreign visitors Ash Mota, Rui Yasha, and Tadder Yasha by killing a white dragon.

Besides the trade in town another big part of the town is Driscoll Faylen and his horses.

After the help of the adventures Shale the town priest and Charlotte the mayors secretary became the towns impromptu leaders while the town rebuilds. After Rui left the town a young man with black hair and golden eyes came into town with a plan to help them “rebuild”.

The young man is Cleric Tharoth under his “guidance” the city has done well in it rebuilding and a new worship has started in the town this is the worship of Carceri.


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