Frostford is a bustling trading town that borders the ocean and buts up against the forest. This town used to be a very family driven trading town but has expanded over the years and become more competitive. Surrounded on one side by the Sea of Sorrows that allows for sea trade then surrounded by the Gentle Wilds Forest where animal trade is bustling. This town is one of the larger ones north of the Rostfell Mountains.

Frostford is run by Baron & Baroness Waicox and Frostford is Klara Grayson’s home town.Frostford.jpeg

Important People:
Atlas Flecher
Erwin Grayson
Evanlyn Grayson
Hibernius Waicox
Klara Grayson
Orla Flecher

This Odd Encounter: Annie Ackerman works at Flecher’s Vault and needs someone to bring supplies to the new shop they are opening in Caster.
I am Tripping Balls: Marcel owner of the Broken Phial asked for Freshwater seaweed, Blodriska mushroom, and Angel winterberries.


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