Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This book was made after the defeat of the original 4 horsemen of the apocalypse it is written entirely in Undercommon. It tells of the poems that give evidence of how history will repeat itself but how they can be stopped.

This book was found by Cade Beckenshire when he was exploring the library in Chipenden.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse
It is said when the world was in peace the horsemen had become bored and the world complacent. The horseman rose to start the apocalypse first came a sickness something new that no one had seen before. No one had any idea how to stop it of how to start a cure. When the disease spread to most of the world unrest started among the species. It first began in the bigger cities; allies would suddenly turn on their friends. All of a sudden towns would fall or change leadership. As time went on new grudges we made as tensions rose. When tension reached its breaking point wars started to break out all over the globe. Some were small battles others large no one was safe from war. Chaos and destruction filled the lands breaking moral and causing so much death, which brought the last horseman. Death was the worst horseman when they came all the fighting and unrest stopped. Many died, the old, young, no one was spared from death. Many people died or took their lives when a sense of looming despair grew and spread over the world. It was said that after the four horsemen had their fun they withdrew from the world. This gave the world a chance to lick its wounds and recover.

It is said when the horseman become bored they will rise again and the next apocalypse would rise. The only way to stop this is to sway at least one horseman to your side. When the horsemen are in harmony they world will fall again when they are in disarray the world may continue to live.

A story was left from the last time the horseman rode in our world
Beware overlanders time hangs by a thread.
The hunters are hunted white water runs red.
The horsemen will strike to extinguish the rest.
The hope of the hopeless resides in a quest.
The overland warriors may bring back light, they bring us back none.
But gather your neighbors and follow their call or the horsemen will most surely devour us all.
Two shroud in darkness, two walk in the light.
One is a shadow, one follows the light.
One royal one holy together they stand.
Few will be left when they count up the dead.
The last who die will decide where they stand.
The fate of the world contained in their hands.
So bid them take care, bid them look where they leap.
As life may be death and death life again reaps.

War and their horse Ruin
Description of War
Continually seeking out chaos and destruction. War disguises herself as soldier or noblewoman. Finding unrest in small villages or great kingdoms. War feeds the fire to the flames of disgruntled serfs or unhappy nobles driving them to commit acts of violence that quickly escalates to full-fledged battles and sometimes world covering wars. With every arrow shot and every sword swung she grows stronger, feeding off the world’s chaos.

War wields a tremendous great sword that seems to always glisten with blood. She rides his flaming red (chestnut) horse Ruin and is physically the strongest of the four horsemen capable of defeating almost any warrior in combat.

War Prophecy
War has been declared, Your ally ensnared.
It is now or it is never, defeate them or die forever.
Time is running out, Running out, Running out.
The warrior with a blade, by her hand your fate is made.
But do not forget the ticking.
Time is standing still, Standing still, Standing still.
Since friendship is the key, to unlock the treachery.
She cannot avoid the war, when a secret plot is hatching.
Time is turning back, Turning back, turning back.
When the warrior has been killed, the flow of blood is stilled.
You must not ignore the rest, There is no time to rest, you have to finish the quest.

Conquest and their horse Glory
Description of Conquest
First of the Four disguises herself as a well mannered silver tongued traveling noble and gains the admiration and adoration of all the people she speaks to. Quick-witted and power-hungry she enjoys walking into the castles of great kings and emperors and convincing them to give up their crown to her. All but a few are able to turn down her request, and once she puts a crown on her head, all within her realm fall under her magical subjugation, carrying out her every word against their own will. She carries a sliver longbow and a quiver full of peacock-feathered arrows at her hip. She rides upon her majestic white horse Glory, and is a force to be reckoned with when she has entire armies serving under her heel.

Conquest Prophecy
Dancing in the firelight, see the one that conquers right.
Gold flows around her, hot and bright.
Famine, Conquest, War, and Death.
Watch them spin and trap.
The apocalypse is at our door, The four horseman are at war, some will slice and blood will pour.
If you see each other, greet them as before.

Famine and their horse Fear
Description of Famine
Dressed in white clothes and often disguised as a medicine man. Famine seeks to deal justice to those whose major sin is gluttony. When we find people who gorge themselves, he wipes out scores of crops, kills and rots livestock, dries up rivers, and sends the masses into despair. Carrying a scale that doubles as a magical focus. He rides the night black horse Fear. Draining energy and hope from the living to make himself stronger.

Famine Prophecy
If life was sickness, if sickness life reaped.
Something rises from the gloom to make the overworld a tomb.
Sickness is spreading all around, forgotten snow the cure is found.
Evil cloaked in a coat of white, will the wizard drain you life.
Will the sickness turn the warrior weak?
What advantage will the adventurers seek?
To achieve the key to famine’s end, the adventures morals bend.
Die his most essential part, when you hold the heart.

Death and their horse Despair
Description of Death
The final and most dangerous of the four horsemen. Death travels the world as a hooded person seeking out the old and dying to put to final rest. Whenever death passes through a town the number of deadly diseases grows, there is an increase in the number of life-taking accidents, and a sense of looming despair follows him wherever he goes. Although he does not seek to increase his own power just being in his presence drains even the greatest man of his strength and will to carry on. Death always wields his canonical scythe and rides upon his pale horse Despair. He is the last of the four horsemen because he brings the final stroke to the lives of those subjected to the other 3.

Death Prophecy
Will rob your body of its breath, mark your skin and seal your fate.
Will he help before to late.
Turn and turn and turn again.
They can see the what but not the when.
Life and death entwine, when right and wrong align.
Death will help in your quest, unless you rip his heart from his chest.
Bring him darkness or despair, no one runs from death beware.
Turn and turn and turn again, he will help time again.
Royal and holy bloodline, forces and strength combine.
Those whose blood runs red and hot, Hope death join or all for naught.
The horseman you will lure, or the apocalypse will endure.
Turn and turn and turn again, the apocalypse you hope to contain.
When dark and light weave, your quest you will achieve.
Different species will align, when hatred is set aside.
If the flames or war are fanned, All warmbloods lose the overland.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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