Lake Town

This town was founded by the Wick family many years ago. Something happened at the Wick estate to wear the entire family died and the Wagner family took over. Now the town does simple trading, and is very family centric. The town buts up against Meer Lake which is one of the main reasons that people settled here in the first place. The gentle Wilds woods come to the edge of the town and some of the lake.

This is the town where Cade’s mother Mable now lives.
Important People:
Mable Beckenshire

Wick Estate: At night odd music was heard coming from the old wick house and the next day someone from the town had gone missing the adventures decided to investigate.
Mirror Mirror: The ballroom mirror’s in the wick estate had seen so much tragedy and death that they started to produce it when you look at your reflection in the mirror a copy of your self is made and then within 3 days those copies try to kill you.

The old Wick estate has recently been burnt down by the adventures, also a child has gone missing.

Lake Town

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