Acheron Forsyth

Elven Representative, Caster Council Member


An elven man with black hair, and green eyes.


He grew up on the continent of Whispering Wollds and when he was younger he was well liked but also one of the few elves that really liked humans. He then moved to Arulen to be become the elven representative. During his first few years he almost got robed by Mable Beckenshire. They hit it off and he moved in with her at Rorken when not working in Caster. They eventually got married and because he was the only thing keeping the rocky relationship between the elves and humans together he had to travel back to his home. He told his superiors about his marriage and he had tot deal with some backlash from it.

Since time does not pass the same for elves it took 21 years for him to be able to travel back to Arulen and eventually Rorken to find his wife. After talking to towns people he found out she had a child and mysteriously left town.

He has been looking for his wife and child since then.

Acheron Forsyth

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