Klara Fletcher

Merchant's Daughter from Frostford, Ranger


A 24-year-old human woman, who stands around 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has a medium build, not too thin or too bulky, with lean muscling from years of hunting. She has hazel, doe-like eyes, soft facial features, and long, brown hair that she usually wears in a simple braid down her back. She usually wears a forest-green, long-sleeved dress with a brown, leather bodice. She also wears a brown cloak with a light-tan fur collar, tan riding pants under the dress, a dark-brown belt, and tall dark-brown riding boots.

Character Sheet
Class & Level: Ranger, Level 11
Race: Human?
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 13 (+ 1)
Dexterity: 17 (+ 3)
Constitution: 14 (+ 2)
Intelligence: 12 (+ 1)
Wisdom: 14 (+ 2)
Charisma: 13 (+ 1)

Armor Class: 16
Initiative: + 3
Speed: 30 feet
Proficiency Bonus: + 4
Max Hit Points: 83
Hit Dice: 10d10+2

Strength + 4
Dexterity + 4

Acrobatics (Dex): + 6
Animal Handling (Wis): + 2
Arcana (Int):
Athletics (Str):
Deception (Cha):
History (Int):
Insight (Wis):
Intimidation (Cha):
Investigation (Int): + 6
Medicine (Wis):
Nature (Int): + 2
Perception (Wis): + 2
Performance (Cha):
Persuasion (Cha): + 6
Religion (Int):
Sleight of Hand (Dex):
Stealth (Dex): + 6
Survival (Wis): + 2

Attack (2 attacks per round):
-Klara’s Longbow: + 9 to hit, 1d10+5 piercing damage
-Bow of the Storm: + 9 to hit, 1d10+5 piercing plus 2d6 lightning damage
-Talon (Longsword): + 6 to hit, 1d10+1 slashing damage
-Blazing Bowstring: 2 uses per day, bonus action, 1d10 fire damage
-Use an action to make a ranged attack against any number of creatures within a 10 ft
radius, must make an attack roll against each creature in that radius
Spells: 4 First Level, 3 Second Level, 3 Third Level
-Spell DC: 14 (8+4+Wis Mod)
-Spell Attack: + 6 (4 + Wis Mod)

Longbow- 100/500 ft Ranged
Bracers of Archery
Blazing Bowstring
Bag of Holding
Quiver of Ehlonna

Beacon (Dire Wolf)
-AC 14, Speed: 50 ft, Max HP: 80, Hit Dice: 6d8+18, Short Rest Heal: 3d10
-STR 25 (+ 7), DEX 15 (+ 2), CON 17 (+ 3), INT 2 (+ 4), WIS 12 (+ 1), CHA 10 (+ 0)
-Skills: + 4 to survival checks, + 2 perception, + 2 stealth
-Bite: + 11 to hit, 1d8+10 piercing damage, Trip: + 11, knocks prone

Kurvonis, the Silver Snake (Silver Dragon Wyrmling)
-AC 17, Speed: 30 ft, fly 60 ft, HP 45 (6d8+18)
-STR 19 (+ 4), DEX 10 (+ 0), CON 17 (+ 3), INT 12 (+ 1), WIS 11 (+ 0), CHA 15 (+ 2)
-Saving Throws: Dex + 2, Con + 5, Wis + 2, Cha + 4
-Skills: Perception + 4, Stealth + 2
-Damage Immunities: Cold
-Senses: blindsight 10ft, darkvision 60ft, Passive Perception 14
-Language: Draconic
-Actions: Bite: Melee, reach 5ft, + 6 to hit, 1d10 + 4 piercing damage. Breath Weapons (Recharge: 5-6), Cold Breath: 15 ft cone, DC 13 CON save, 4d8 cold damage on fail, half as much on success. Paralyzing Breath: 15 ft cone, DC 13 CON save, paralyzed for 1 minute on a fail, affected creatures may repeat their saving throws at the end of their turns, ending the effect on a success.

Favored Enemy
-Dragons and Fiends, + 4 to hit, 1d4 damage
Wild Empathy
Defensive Mobility
+ 2 to AC against attacks, uses one reaction
Prime Shot
+ 1 to hit while no friendly creatures are near
Primeval Awareness
-1 mile or 6 miles in favored terrain, 1 minute in concentration, choose to detect aberrations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, or undead.
Favored Terrain (Natural Explorer)
-Forests, Grasslands, and Mountains
-Intelligence or Wisdom checks in Favored Terrain: Proficiency doubled
-Difficult terrain doesn’t slow us down, can’t become lost except
by magical means, you remain alert to danger while engaged in another activity, remain
stealthy at a normal pace while traveling alone, 2x food when foraging, know the exact
number, the size of, and how long ago the creatures you’re tracking passed through the
Extra Attack
-2 attacks per round
Colossus Slayer
+ 1d8, wears down foe under maximum health
Multiattack Defense
-after successful hit by a creature, +4 AC to against each attack afterwards by that same
-ignore half or three-quarters cover, no disadvantage at long range, can take a -5 penalty
to attack rolls with ranged weapons to add +10 to the damage
Land’s Stride
-Nonmagical terrain costs no extra movement, pass through nonmagical plants without
being slowed by them or taking damage, advantage on saving throws against plants that
are magically created or manipulated to impede movement
Hide in Plain Sight
-Spend 1 minute to camouflage yourself, as long as you don’t move, you get + 10 to stealth
-Klara can use its action to Polymorph into a Small or Medium humanoid, or back into her
true form. Other than its size and speed, her statistics are the same in each form. Any
equipment she is wearing or carrying isn’t transformed. She reverts to her true form if she
-She can see in dim light within 60 feet of her as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if
it were dim light. She can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Resistance to Cold, Fire, and Lightning Damage

Common, Dwarvish, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal

First Level Spells
Cure Wounds- Range: Touch, Casting Time: 1 action, heals 1d8+2 at first level, additional 1d8 per spell slot above first level
Hunter’s Mark- Range: 90 feet, Casting Time: 1 bonus action, Concentration, 1d6 damage per attack
Hail of Thorns- Range: Self, Casting Time: 1 bonus action, Concentration up to 1 minute, additional 1d10 piercing damage per spell slot. Each creature within 5 feet must make a Dex save with full damage on a failed save and half damage on a successful one
Detect Poison and Disease- Range: Self, Casting Time: 1 action, Concentration up to 10 minutes, senses presence and locations of poisons, poisonous creatures, and diseases within 30 feet of you, can identify the kind of it in each case

Second Level Spells
Spike Growth- Range: 150 feet, Casting Time: 1 action, Concentration up to 10 minutes, ground in 20 foot radius becomes spikes and thorns, difficult terrain, creatures moving into or within area take 2d4 piercing damage for every 5 feet traveled. Creatures that can’t see area at the casting time must make a Perception check to recognize the hazardous terrain before entering

Third Level Spells
Lightning Arrow- Range: Self, Casting Time: 1 bonus action, Concentration up to 10 minutes, ranged weapon attack becomes bolt of lightning, make an attack roll. On a hit, the target takes 4d8 lightning damage and half as much on a miss. Each creature in 10 ft must make a DEX save. Each of these creatures take 2d8 lightning damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.
Nondetection- Range: Touch, Casting Time: 1 action, Duration: 8 hours, for the duration, you hide a target that you touch from Divination magic. The target can be a willing creature or a place or an object no larger than 10 feet in any dimension. The target can’t be targeted by any Divination magic or perceived through magical Scrying sensors.


Before Becoming An Adventurer

" I’m just a simple girl from Frostford who’s in way over her head in this world and happens to have a holy bloodline."- Klara

Klara grew up on the outskirts of Frostford, a quiet town that lived under the peaceful rule of the Waicox family. She lived a simple life with her parents and her older brother, spending most of her time in the forests with her father, Erwin, learning his trade as a hunter with hopes of continuing his business with her older brother, Nikolas.

However, her father’s business was faced with destruction when the Fletchers moved into the town. Hot-tempered and thirsty for gold, the Fletchers quickly took to undermining their business. At first, her father thought nothing of it, but as the mood between the families turned threatening, Erwin knew that something would have to be done. Blood was spilled on both sides before the Waicox family stepped in, demanding that the feud come to a grinding halt.

One day, a few months after her mother, Evanlyn, gave birth to their younger brother named Reiner, Klara and Nikolas returned home from a hunting trip with their father to find their mother and their baby brother murdered in their home. After months of grief, rumors that the murderer was one of them, and threats of imprisonment, Nikolas left Frostford with hopes of regaining a normal life. Her father, already broken from everything that happened, fell apart once more. A few days later, her father disappeared without a trace.

With her family gone, she set out on her own to see what the world had to offer. Even though her travels brought her to unique places, she still found herself spending most of her time in the woods. After all that had happened, the quietness of the trees comforted her and during her time there, she found a companion in a young dire wolf, whom she called Beacon. Together, they continued their travels and hoped for a quieter future.

As An Adventurer

“The night before I left Frostford, I visited my mother’s grave and told her that I was leaving, that I was going to go find Father and Nikolas, and hopefully find out who murdered them. It gave me a slight sense of closure as I packed my things the next morning and headed out onto the road. I didn’t know where I was going, but I decided that anywhere was better than here.” – Klara

Originally, she didn’t plan on becoming an adventurer and she became one more on accident than anything else. When she left her home, she wasn’t looking to get rich and famous, or slay dragons in her spare time. All she was out to do was find her father and her brother. Out of money, she was offered a job to escort a cart of goods to Phandalin and accepted it to find herself working with a wood elf named Zenthya and a half-elf named Cade. Immediately, she clashed with Zen but Cade and her got along pretty well. Cade also had a dire wolf named Dogmeat.

While in Phandalin, Klara tried to keep the townspeople’s favor but she fell short multiple times. Much of this she blamed on Zen and her harsh personality, but Klara wasn’t completely innocent either. Zen angered Toblen by arguing with him about a reward and Qelline by threatening her son, Carp. However, Klara angered Halia by saying her name in a ridiculous accent while drunk at the Stonehill Inn and at least irritated Sildar by walking into the town with a bunch of Ruffians, dragging the dead body of his friend, while extremely drunk. She did feel terrible about what happened to Sildar’s friend, because she was the one who killed him, and talked to him in private about it.

In the coming weeks, she soon began to understand what it meant to be an adventurer. They faced a band of orcs, fought off owlbears, wolves, and ghouls that attacked their camp during their travels, and narrowly escaped death more than once. During this time, the tension between Zen and her increased and Klara was ready to leave the group. However, things between the two of them improved as they had a bigger problem to deal with.

After joining a cult because Zen and Cade wanted to, she soon faced a dragon for the first time. It was a young, green dragon by the name of Venomfang and it brought them face-to-face with death once again. However, with a little help from a local druid, they managed to defeat it with Beacon landing the killing blow.

After rescuing Gundren Rockseeker from Cragmaw Castle, learning of Carp’s disappearance, and defeating the Black Spider, the group started their journey to Laketown. Klara asked if they could stop in Frostford, since it was along the way and she hadn’t been home in almost four years.

She met Jack on the road to Frostford and after a while, she found herself in the town she called home. She did her best to not draw attention to herself while she was there and her normally happy mood was extremely somber. Cade noticed this and seemed to be worried about her. She only talked to Levi Jaeger while in the town, since she had known him ever since she was young and she didn’t know who else in the town she could trust.

She returned to her childhood home with Zen and Cade to find it in a surprisingly nice condition. While her companions seemed to be worried about it, she was preoccupied with her thoughts and searched her father’s study for anything he left. She found money, gems, a small family crest, a letter to her, and a letter stating her father’s innocence as well as multiple notes from him that detailed what had happened. What she found comforted her but also confirmed her fears.

That night, she was briefly reunited with her mother, who was now a ghost. She wanted revenge against the man who was responsible for her death, Atlas Fletcher, and told Klara that she was a descendant of the paladin, Syreth, of Obad-Hai that killed the god, Asmodeus.

The next morning, the party made their way to Laketown to visit Cade’s mother. While there, they met Vash, learned of the disappearances of another child and multiple other people, investigated and destroyed the Wick Estate. On their final day in Laketown, Klara reunited briefly with her father and he shared information with her about the Fletchers.

After saying goodbye to her father, they went to Chipenden to met up with Jack. The first night there, they found shelter from a storm in a tavern and during the night, the other patrons of the tavern were killed. Vash and Klara decided to go to the city guards to tell them what happened and they, in turn, informed the Inquisitor about what had happened and the Inquisitor’s group started to get suspicious of them. As the party spoke with him, Jack came to the rescue and told the Inquisitor that the party was with him. Between exploring the city and learning about two more children who disappeared, Cade, Klara, and Zen spent a lot of time with Jack. Klara enjoyed spending time with all of them.

Wanting to know more about Obad-Hai and Asmodeus, Klara and Cade went to an abandoned library to see what they could find there. She found a book that she thought would help her, but she felt bad about just taking it, so she went to the town hall to ask if she could do so. There, she was arrested by the Inquisitor and was tortured for a while, before being rescued by Cade and Jack.

They laid low for a while, waiting for the Winter’s Crest Festival, and when it finally arrived, they took part in the festivities. Klara won a pie eating contest and received a pin for doing so. After the festival, they set off over the mountains and found themselves near Colonmel.

They first met Driscoll and Enya, who asked them to help them round up their escaped horses. After a while of trying and not succeeding, the group went into the city where they met Tad, Rui, and Ash, who asked them to collect the soul of a dragon as well as it’s blood so they could make a cure to the disease that was plaguing the city. They agreed and Tad opened a portal for them, sending them into the middle of a blizzard. After a day or so, with Klara’s knowledge of dragons, they found themselves facing a young, white dragon. Sneaking up on the dragon, they slaughtered it within seconds with Klara landing the final blow. Amazed at the feat, they collected what they needed and returned to Colonmel via a portal drawn by Rui’s raven.

With the cure being made, the party decided to focus their energy into helping Driscoll get his horses back and found out that he had a few unicorns as well. After speaking with one of the unicorns and telling them that a cure was being made, the herd made its way back to the farm.

In the days waiting of the cure to be made, Zen contracted the disease, her veins turning black under her pale skin, but luckily the antidote was about ready. Once the antidote was ready, both Zen and Cade took it immediately and Klara took it the next day. Hoping that they had been cured, they made the long trip to Caster.

There, they met Mark since Jack told them to go to his shop if they were ever in Caster. They were also accused of the attempted murder of the princess and were arrested, but with Jack’s help, they were cleared of the charges. While in jail, Klara confessed her feelings for Cade, after he had left her a note confessing his feelings the morning before. After losing the dire wolves for a period of time, they found them, bought some horses and started their journey to Aspienne, since they were asked by Mark to return a crown to him and asked by the King to return the stolen royal crest, both of which were in Aspienne.

A week into their travels, they were ambushed by the Inquisitor and his men. At first, it seemed like they were going to be fine, but soon the encounter turned more dangerous. Klara, knowing that there wasn’t much she could do at close range, spurred her horse out of the fray and started to fire arrows at their attackers. Around this time, Cade fell and Beacon, who wasn’t able to land any blows on his attackers, fell soon after. Desperate, she took a Potion of Invisibility and moved into the grass around the Inquisitor’s men. Dogmeat, Zen, and a leopard soon fell as well and Klara had to decide whether to run or go down fighting. She decided to fight and using a Spike Growth spell and her arrows, she slowly picked off the five remaining of the Inquisitor’s men and the Inquisitor himself.

She was relieved to find that her friends were not dead, like she was sure that they were. They set up camp for the night and while on her watch, Tad and Ash arrived, asked what had happened, and made sure they were already. After Klara explained what had happened, they told her that they’d give them a ride the rest of the way to Aspienne.

During the trip, Klara fought with what she had done and with her past feelings for Kalona and her current feelings for Cade. However, during the trip, Cade told her about the book he was reading, about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and he felt that the descriptions of a couple of the horsemen matched Tad and Ash. They tried to get information out of them, but they were unsuccessful.

Tad and Ash left them once they reached Aspienne and while there, they joined a tournament where adventuring parties would be competing against each other for riches and fame. Klara signed them up under the name Absit Invidia after she discussed it with Cade and Zen, and because they entered the competition, they had free food, free housing, free stabling for their animals, and were invited to a party hosted by a noble.

At the party, the group met Lady Eshreal, who was the noble that was hosting the party, and Klara met a green dragonborn and a tiefling who was seated next to her at the dinner. After the dinner was over, the groups had a chance to mingle and Klara lost sight of Cade and Zen. After being unsuccessful at find them again, she hung out near the wall, waiting for someone to show up. Cade approached her and told her that Kalona was there and pointed him out to her. It was in that moment that Klara realized that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend. Eventually, she lost sight of him and Cade and her decided to back to their house.

On their way back, Cade and Klara met a young man by the name of Alistair, who claimed to be with the Reaper Gang. He knew Klara’s name, which caused her to grow suspicious of him. Once Alistair left them, Cade and Klara returned to their house, Zen still being gone, and made love for the first time.

The next day, they went to the coliseum and were selected to compete in the first battle of the first round. The arena for this round of competition was a cave and because of the darkness, Klara was unable to see anything other than the flashes of light from the spells being cast, so Cade, Zen, and their animals did all of the fighting. Absit Invidia was victorious in the end and proceeded to the next round, which would be taking place the next day. They stayed for the rest of the battles, and after day one was done, Klara wanted to try to find Kalona, so Cade and she followed for a while until he was away from his group. Once he was alone, she went up to him and asked if they could go somewhere so they could talk. He invited her to the Sanctuary Inn, and Cade followed her there, so Kalona and her went to a different inn. There, she was able to talk to him and tell him that she regretted the way she treated him when they broke up. He told her that he’s still here for her, not to let his father find her, and that her brother was in Noragate the last her knew, among other things. At the end of their conversation, they promised to get together to talk again.

The next day of competition, Absit Invidia faced Swiftstriker, a goliath sorcerer in a heavily forested area with two towers on either side of the battlefield. Zen was knocked unconscious quickly into the battle, but Klara and Cade were able to defeat the sorcerer and they moved on to the next round of competition.

With the competition being over for the day and completing some of the tasks she wanted to get done, she met up with Kalona to go to the library, to Cade’s dismay. At the library, she was able to learn more about Obad-Hai, Asmodeus, Syreth, and Minauros before heading home for the night. With Cade not home, she spoke with Zen about some of her ideas. Zen wasn’t supportive of her ideas and retired to her room for the night. Klara, still thinking that her idea was valid, went to bed too, but driven by her thoughts, she wrote a letter to Kalona, which confessed her feelings for him.

The next round of competition was a hard battle against the Forsaken, but they were victorious in the end. The Reaper Gang won their match so they soon knew that they would be facing Kalona’s team the next day. Klara spent some time with an angry Cade and he eventually left her in a tavern while they were getting a few drinks. Since he left, she decided to go see if she could find Kalona and she did find him in the training center.

Mustering up her courage, she tried to talk to him, but she soon began to choke on her own words. She eventually gave him the letter she wrote the night before, telling him to talk to her when he was ready, and left the center to head home. A part of her expected to hear from him that night, but she never did.

The next day, as they were getting ready to leave for the arena, Cade told her and Zen that someone had defaced their house. In a script that her companions couldn’t understand was a note from Kalona, saying that he wanted to be in her life again and that he’d help her fight his father. Cade, already angry with everything that had happened, started to ask her what it all meant and when she told him, he started to realize that he wasn’t being completely truthful with them. After she finally told them the truth about Kalona and her, he punched her in the nose.

The final round of the competition proved to be difficult, but in the end, the party was successful and became the new champions of the tournament. After the competition was over, Cade and Klara went to go get drinks with some of Kalona’s team. While there, Kaloz left as Falana and Klara began to bicker with each other and eventually, both Falana and Cade left as well. After spending some time in conversation, Kalona walked her home, giving her a kiss on the cheek before he walked away.

The next morning, Cade admitted to Klara that he cheated on her and they broke up. A few hours later, she visited Kalona, told him about the situation, and they began to rekindle their old relationship.

After a few days, she brought it up to the group that they should go try to save Carp and the other children and also make a plan to defeat Atlas. There was some resistance about attempting to save the kids, but eventually, Zen and Cade agreed to go. With some tentative plans down, she went to talk to Kalona in private. There, they recounted what they knew about the situation they were in because of their families, and Klara learned that Kalona had spent almost four years in the Abyss with his uncle, Graz’zt.

The couple spent one more night together before they parted ways in the morning so she and the rest of her group could go attempt to save the children. However, when they arrived in a pocket dimension, they found that they were too late.

Faced with the golden-eyed, black-haired magical boy, now a teenager, they were told that they helped bring him a step closer to his goal. Unable to do anything other than leave, Klara collected Carp’s body and they stepped back through the portal.

Defeated, Klara and Cade took Carp’s body to a temple to be buried and she was overwhelmed by her sense of failure. After the deed was done, she went to Kalona’s housing to find it vacant. Irritated, she returned to her group, wrote a letter to Carp’s mother, and they left Aspienne to collect their winnings.

Her mood didn’t improve once they reached Noragate and it only worsened from there as she found that her brother, Nikolas, was in town. It was difficult for her to get the chance to talk to him, but she eventually did so.

The conversation between the siblings was tense and her brother blamed her father for their mother’s death. While his words hurt her, she knew he was being played a fool by Atlas and she would come to feel sorry for him later. However, he did warn her that the Fletchers would find her, and with the thought of Kalona in her mind, she told him that they already had.

They left Noragate to collect their winnings and found out that it included four dragon eggs. Klara took the blue egg for herself and eventually, they returned to Noragate to compete the task given to them by the Merchant’s Guild within the city. After a tense meeting with the guild, since Klara demanded for payment for potentially having to wipe out a population of merfolk for them, they hired a boat and set out into the Sea of Storms. There, they found that the merfolk were under attack by a group of merrows. After defeating the merrows and collecting a significant amount of the Merchant Guild’s sunken gold, they returned to Noragate where they collected their payment.

She said a quick goodbye to Nikolas and the group said goodbye to their new friend, a tiefling named Kisora, and they made their way back to Aspienne on Zen’s request. They spent some time searching the black market district of the city and eventually found the old man Zen was looking for. They followed him back to a house he was staying in, snuck in past the guards, and Zen began to question him. Eventually, Cade held the old man while Zen tortured him. Klara, who wanted no part of it, looked away and eventually left for a tavern, shaken by what she had just witnessed. She wrote a letter to Kalona, stating what had happened and told him that they would be heading for Caster soon.

Cade and Zen didn’t understand her when she told them that Thawon didn’t deserve to die in that manner, that no one deserved to die in that manner. Zen stated that she’d do the same if it was Atlas and Klara retorted that she’d never do anything like that because it proves nothing other than how cruel you can be.

It was that night when she started to recount all the wrongs Zen and Cade had done. Kalona had told her in Aspienne that he was evil, but she couldn’t see it in him like she could see it in her companions. She didn’t feel safe with them anymore. She knew what she needed to do.

On the way back to Caster, they took some time and incubated their dragons. The eggs hatched at the end of the week and they had four dragon wyrmlings with them once they got to the capitol. There, they first returned Mark’s crown to him before they made their way to the castle to return the king’s ring. Once they arrived, they found out that the council was waiting for them and while Cade and Zen didn’t understand what it was about, Klara knew instantly. It was about her killing the Inquisitor.

Jack came up to her once she said that they had the ring, and he was able to tell which one of the correct one and told her that everything was going to be okay. However, she wasn’t convinced and she began to recount what happened during the Inquisitor’s ambush. She swore that it was out of self-defense and that she was sure the rest of her party was dead at the time. After she ran out of things to say, she awaited the council’s judgement. While most of them believed her and thought that she should be cleared of charges, some thought the opposite, but their opinions didn’t matter much. What mattered was the opinion of the new Inquisitor.

The new Inquisitor stood in front of Klara, studying her, and she was sure that she wasn’t getting out of this so easily. When the Inquisitor stated that she was free to go, she collapsed to her knees with relief, thanking the Inquisitor profusely before she rose and went over to Jack, hugging him tightly and telling him that she really needed to talk with him. He told her that it’d have to wait because they had one more meeting, which they could stay for. Her heart dropped when he told her that it was a couple from Frostford looking to start up their business in Caster.

She managed to hide before Atlas and Orla Fletcher entered the room, tailed by who she assumed to be Slither. As Atlas spoke, she was terrified that this was going to be the death of her. She feared what was going to happen once the meeting was over.

The council approved Atlas’ request and they left the room without a fuss. She came out of hiding and went up to Jack, upset that he was the only one that disapproved of them and told him that they were the reason she wanted to talk to him. Cade, finally remembering to go meet his father, did so and Zen and Klara went with Jack back to his house. There, she told him about her past with the Fletchers and asked him if he’d be able to help her defeat them. He told her that he would, but he wouldn’t be able to do anything about Slither.

With that, Zen and Klara spent some time talking with Jack about their trip and eventually showed the fourth dragon to him. The deep purple dragon, who hadn’t taken any interest in them, seemed to be drawn to Jack, and when Cade arrived, the three of them agreed that Jack should have the dragon. The next day, they made their way to Frostford.

There, Klara was able to speak with her mother once more, but the conversation didn’t go as she expected it would. She wanted to tell her mother about Kalona, but Zen and Cade beat her to it in a more vulgar way than she wanted to say. After her mother’s initial anger with her, she was able to talk with her civilly. Her mother wasn’t happy about her decision, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop her daughter’s feelings.

The group then traveled to Seacliff to meet with the aasimar woman Klara’s father told her about. While the meeting wasn’t friendly or welcoming, Klara was able to learn a little bit more about the situation she was in and Zandri was able to tell her that Atlas was only one of the evils that the world was facing. There, they learned of a child that had disappeared into the forest only to return with a creepy doll.

While investigating the child, they decided to head out into the forest and made camp for the night. When Cade, Zen, and Klara woke, they found themselves surrounded by fog and without Zandri and their animals. However, they did run into a white-haired woman by the name of Content Not Found: tallis-fallon and they traveled together into a run-down town. Soon, they found themselves talking to a couple of kids who begged them to go rescue their parents from the monster in their house.

After navigating the house without successfully finding anything to confirm the children’s story, they found out that the children were actually dead as well as a secret passage that lead down to the basement. Once there, they found themselves locked into a room with a stone altar as figures appeared and begun to chant, “one must die.” Out of ideas, Klara begged for her companions and Tallis to kill her, but Cade shouted, “I’m not letting you die a martyr!” before he slit his own throat. Tallis, after waiting a bit, brought him back to life and they were able to leave the house.

Outside of the house, they said their goodbyes to Tallis before she told us that she’d seen us before. However, we weren’t able to question her because we woke up to found ourselves back at the camp. Confused and flustered, we tried to figure out what happened before going back to sleep to head towards the same location the next morning.

When the group arrived there, they didn’t find a city. Instead, they found a portal as well as a elven man, who asked them to call him Cross. Zen acted rudely to the elf, so Klara tried to treat him with kindness and asked, since he said that he was out to fight the evil in the world, if he’d like to help her defeat a fiend. He considered it a while and eventually agreed. She asked Zandri the same and she agreed to come as well.

The group returned to Seacliff, where Klara wrote letters to her father, Kalona, and Jack, asking them to make their way to Laketown before they gathered supplies for the fight against Atlas.

When they arrived in Laketown, a thick fog rolled in around them and Klara feared the worst, screaming Atlas’ name as she readied her bow for the fight. However, she was never able to get visual on any of them and since there were only daggers flying out of the fog towards them, she figured that it was only Slither there. Zen was able to clear the fog and Cade and Cross were able to land a few hits on Slither before he disappeared.

Shaken, Klara ran into Mabel’s bakery, asking her if her father had been there and when she said she hadn’t heard from him, she left as her anxiety worsened. She received a letter from him in Seacliff and something about it was suspicious to her. Her letter back to him confirmed her fears. Somehow, her letters to her father were being intercepted by Atlas and that’s how Slither knew she was coming to Laketown.

She went to the Lakeside Inn and asked if there were any new visitors to town and she found out that there was two new people in town and that they were at the brothel at the moment. She went there to find Kalona and Falana sitting at a table together, having a conversation over a couple of drinks. She didn’t say a word as she sat down next to him and he asked her if she was okay. She told him about the encounter with Slither, with him stating that his father wouldn’t be far behind, and they both agreed that they needed to act on this. It was time.

They gathered everyone in Mabel’s house and told them the plan. They were going to Frostford to finish this all once and for all.

In Frostford, they spent the night in her family’s estate, where they met up with Jack again. Klara was able to introduce her mother to Kalona once more and they were able to talk for a little while. Her mother told her that she was upset because her daughter didn’t feel comfortable telling her that she was dating someone but she was glad that Klara was able to find happiness.

With a plan finalized, the next morning the group of them went to a clearing near Kalona’s house where everyone hid while Klara stood by Kalona’s side, holding his hand as they waited for his parents to arrive. It didn’t take very long. They weren’t being stealthy about it. His parents stepped out of the underbrush and into the clearing when Klara readied her bow, speaking up to Atlas and saying that it was good to see him again. He said that it was a shame that she wasn’t going to make it out of it alive. She smiled at him and told him that he wasn’t going to live to see the end of it either.

She went into this fight knowing that she was going to die, and when Atlas somehow pulled her into the Ethereal Plane with him, she knew that the only thing she could do was to make this fight as difficult for him as possible. However, he was much stronger than she imagined he would be and she was fading fast. By some miracle, Kalona soon arrived and Atlas stopped toying with her and began to give it his all. Atlas knocked her out, but before she was able to completely fall, the bracelet Kalona gave her revitalized her just enough to keep her on her feet. Kalona was then able to strike his father down.

Both her and Kalona killed Atlas and they were returned to the Material Plane, along with his body. There, they found out that Mabel had been killed in the fight and that Jack had killed Slither. After speaking with Orla for a while, she asked Klara if she would like to go see Atlas’ “workshop” and she said that she would like to. There, she found a torture chamber and a small coffin containing vials of blood. She knew it was the blood of her family members. A silver ring with the symbol of Asmodeus rested on top of the vials and when she touched it, an image of Asmodeus himself appeared before her.

She was terrified, but she held her ground, telling him that she’d continue to stand in his way as long as she could. He told her that he’d be successful next time and that there was nothing she could do to stop him. He then looked at Kalona with a look of disgust in his eyes before the image of him disappeared.

She took the vials of blood and when they returned upstairs, Orla said that she found a letter in Atlas’ things that would be of interest to her and she pocketed it, thanking her but not wanting any more bad news at the moment. She then went on a walk down the beach and around the town with Kalona.

That night, she decided to read the letter and found out that her father was in an asylum near Hallasholm where he was being tortured and if Atlas didn’t respond in two weeks, he would be killed. Horrified, she begged Kalona to help her go save him and he said that he’d go alone. All he’d need was two days. She pleaded with him to let her go with him, but he refused, and he asked her to promise him to give him two days. She did so and the next morning, he left.

While she waited for Kalona to return, she spoke with Hibernius Waicox about what transpired and that Atlas was dead and no longer a threat to his city. She also told him about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and that there was other evils that the world would be facing soon that they should begin to prepare for. At the end of their conversation, she told him that her father had been captured and she sent Kalona to go rescue him. It was then she realized that it was a bad idea. Baron Waicox agreed with her, but he also welcomed her back to the city, saying that he was glad to see her again.

Back at her house, Zen and Cade reincarnated Mabel and she became a triton woman. Klara didn’t feel right about the ritual, but she was glad that Cade got his mom back. Klara spent the rest of the day starting to put the house back together as she waited for Kalona. The next morning, a loud thud filled the house and she raced out of her room to see Kalona lying in the threshold to the front doors and her father standing outside with an arrow trained on him. She pleaded him to stand down, which he didn’t, and Cade blurted that his daughter was dating Kalona. Kalona was able to roll away before being struck by the arrow while Klara begged her father once more to talk to him. He refused, saying that he needed some space, but he did accept her hug before he closed himself off his bedroom.

She listened to Kalona as he recounted what happened during his trip and she thanked him for doing so. It was then when Zandri asked if they could finally leave for Croak. She said that they could, but there was a few things she had to do first. She went back into town and told Baron Waicox that her father was back safe and asked if he could go visit him while she was away and he said that he’d be happy to do so. With that, she returned to the house and told her father that she was leaving but she’d back as soon as she could. They hugged and promised that they would talk once she got back.

The trip to Croak was pretty uneventful. She was able to tell her brother that Atlas was dead and Kalona told him that he was now his boss. That didn’t make him happy, but she knew it could’ve been worse. Kalona made a deal with a hag, which ticked Klara off for a while but they were able to work through it quickly. Klara was able to leave the vials of blood at the Temple of the Raven Queen and while there, she silently vowed to continue to stand against Asmodeus and to be the protector of her family. She wasn’t going to let her family be hunted to near extinction once more. She was going to do anything to stand in his way. They were also able to escort Zandri to the Ghost Tower and Klara went with her into the library within.

When the party finally arrived back in Caster to find that Jack managed to get a keep for them, the next morning, Klara left the group’s Bag of Holding and a letter stating that she was leaving the party.

After Absit Invidia

“The son of Asmodeus, my worst enemy, the creator of my nightmares, my torturer lying dead at my feet. It was then when a thought came into my mind and I knew that his death marked a new chapter of my life. An end to an era and the beginning of a new one. I had won.” -Klara

Klara and Kalona returned to Frostford after she left the group in Caster where they worked on rebuilding her father’s storefront as well as renovating a few rooms of her family’s estate. While in Frostford, Klara was able to talk to her father and get back on good terms with him, even though he doesn’t agree with her choice in dating Kalona. She also spent some time with Orla to get on better terms with her and to show that she was serious about her relationship with her son.

After a few months, her father told Klara that she needed to move on with her life and it was then when she left Beacon with him, because she didn’t want him to be completely alone. With her business in Frostford done, Kalona and her began to travel. They took a vacation to Vocans for a few months, almost having a honeymoon during that trip before their wedding even happened, as well as taking some time to visit Kalona’s uncle in the Abyss.

At first, Graz’zt and Klara didn’t see eye to eye and Klara honestly thought he was a jerk. As they spent more time together, mostly due to Kalona forcing them to spend more time together, she began to realize that he wasn’t as bad as she originally thought. By the time Kalona and her were ready to leave, her relationship with Graz’zt was cordial enough for her to consider him an acquaintance.

Kalona and Klara then returned to Frostford and were married in a small wedding ceremony on Frostford’s beach. The guests at the ceremony was limited to their families and a few close friends, like Hibernius Waicox, Jack, Kisora, and Falona. After the wedding, since the couple already had their honeymoon before the wedding, they decided to use their official honeymoon in search of a house and working on their businesses. Klara, knowing that the Tresendar Manor in Phandalin would potentially be a place they could make their own and start their lives there, showed the abandoned building to Kalona. They agreed that it would take a lot of time, work, and money, but they eventually decided that this was going to be their new home.

During their time in Phandalin, Kalona asked Klara if she remembered how she said that she didn’t want to lose him when they were in Croak. She told him that she remembered that, and he stated that he didn’t want to lose her either and that he had found a way for her to live potentially forever with him. He said that when they were in the Abyss, he finalized a deal he was making with his uncle. He stated that there would be no strings attached for her, that he made sure that this deal wouldn’t have any negative consequences for her, and that his uncle was sticking to his word. If she accepted, she’d become a fiend. She told him that she needed a few days to consider it, and he respected that. Eventually, she accepted the offer, knowing that if she didn’t accept this, he’d just do something else, something more dangerous, so she could live forever with him.

After spending about a month in Phandalin, they returned to the Abyss for a few months. Graz’zt and Kalona spent about a month preparing and gathering supplies for the ritual, while Klara spent her time between being with them and with Verin, who started to teach her Abyssal in preparation for the transformation. Once everything was ready, Kalona asked to make sure that this is what she wanted. She said that she did and it was time for the ritual.

The ritual itself was simple enough. A rune-covered tub full of blood from multiple powerful demons, including quite a bit of blood from Graz’zt himself, a tome that contained the incantation for the ritual, and Graz’zt, who was to perform the ritual. The only thing left was to actually complete it. On Graz’zt’s recommendation, she stripped down to her underwear with a bit of hesitation, kissed Kalona, and slipped into the tub. Submerging herself, the ritual began.

There was a burning sensation across her skin that started to seep in, causing the pain to grow worse. She wanted to sit up, to scream, but she wasn’t able to. Every fiber of her being felt like it was on fire and when the pain finally became too much for her, it stopped. She opened her eyes and everything was black. It felt like she was standing on something, but when she looked down, she saw her feet standing on nothing. A woman’s voice, cold and stoic, said her name and asked what she was doing. Looming overhead was a huge, white, porcelain mask gazing down at her. Klara told her that she was becoming a fiend and her reason for doing so. At the end of their conversation, the goddess said that she’d hold Klara to the promises that she made and that she’d be watching her from now on to make sure she was still following the path Klara set for herself.

Klara sat up, covered in blood, and looked to Kalona and Graz’zt, who both looked scared and nervous. Kalona helped her out of the tub as she was too weak to walk on her own. She wanted to say something to Graz’zt as Kalona led her out of the room, but all she was able to say was “you owe her.”

The next few days, Klara spent most of her time asleep and recovering from the ordeal, but in all, it took her a full month before she felt like herself again. At the end of that month, Graz’zt felt that she was well enough to start her training. Much to Kalona’s dismay, Graz’zt requested that Kalona would be absent for a part of her training.


She always has been extremely close to her father and thought highly of him. She considered to him to be a good businessman, an excellent hunter, and a loving father, even though he was a bit stubborn at times. She looked up to him a lot and when she was younger, she wanted to be like him and continue the family business in his place. She still loves him a lot after being away from him for so long. When she had the chance to met with him in Laketown, she was scared to see him again because she feared that he was going to be different after all the time had past. She was sad to see that he had grown more distant and less kind, but she was glad to see him again. She’s thankful that Kalona was able to save him from his capture and she was finally brave enough to tell him about her relationship with Atlas’ son. Even though things were rocky between them for a while, they’re still on good terms but she does worry about him a lot now that he’s back home.

Klara was also close to her mother, but she regrets that she didn’t spend as much time with her as she did with her father. She’s glad that her mother didn’t completely disapprove of her relationship with Kalona and it hurt her a lot to lose her again. She knows she’s lucky that she got to spend time with her after her death.

For a long time, Nikolas was the closest thing she had to a friend. He was competitive with her as they both learned the family business. However, he could be cold towards her at times and while she didn’t mind at the time, she soon realized after the tragedy that happened to their family that he was a bit egocentric. She was extremely hurt when he left Frostford and used to think that he was one of the reasons that her father left the town as well. After seeing him again in Noragate, she was furious with him but she’s come to realize that she needs to be civil with her brother, especially now that she’s one of his bosses and that his children are the key to the future of their bloodline, which she has sworn to protect. She doesn’t hate him the way he seems to hate her.

She blames Atlas Fletcher for the murders of her mother and Reiner. She used to hate him for destroying her family and wanted him to pay for what’s he’s done. Back then, she’d been afraid of him since the day he came to Frostford and she wasn’t sure that she would be able to face him when the time came. However, after learning more about him and rekindling her relationship with Kalona in Aspienne, she gained some respect for him. He was only doing what he was told and because of that, she no longer hated him. She understood, she did the same for a while, and when she and Kalona killed him, she knew that she gave him a much better death than he would’ve given her.

In the past, she avoided Orla Fletcher at all costs and didn’t know much about her because of it. She also blamed her for the deaths of her mother and her brother, but that faded when Kalona told her that his mother had no part in Atlas’ plans. However, something that didn’t fade much with time was her fear of her. She knows Orla is powerful. Orla also threatened to make it so no one would ever know what happened to her if she would ever break Kalona’s heart again. She still fears her a little bit, but now that she’s married to her son, they’re on better terms with each other.

Before Evanlyn’s and Reiner’s murders, she was dating Atlas’ son, Kalona. She broke up with him after the deaths in her family, because she blamed him for not preventing them from happening. Klara doesn’t fear Kalona and she never has. She’s always felt a bit sorry for him but he did make her nervous at times. On the party’s way to Aspienne, she reconsidered what happened between them in the past and understood that it wasn’t right to blame him for Evanlyn’s and Reiner’s death but she was confused about her feelings for him. She wanted to hate him, but a part of her was still in love with him. She knew that once she saw him again, she’d finally understand how she truly felt. When she saw him again in Aspienne, she knew that she was still in love with him and after breaking up with Cade, they got back together. After dating and settling into life post-adventuring, they were married on a beach in Frostford surrounded by family and a few close friends.

Klara used to highly respect Baron Waicox, because of how fair and kind he was to the people in Frostford. However, when the town began to turn against her family and the Baron took their side, even though she saw that it pained him to do so, she began to lose her respect for him. For a while, she wanted to hate him for allowing what happened to her family to occur, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Now, after she returned to Frostford, she’s come to respect him again and is glad to have him as a friend once more.

She’s acquaintances with her party members, Zenthya and Cade. Zen and Klara got off to a rocky start at first, with numerous arguments occurring between the two of them, Klara wasn’t sure if she’d ever like her. After getting to know her and the both of them finally not arguing all the time, Klara started to like her more. However, after what happened in Aspienne to Thawon and what Zandri told her about watching the company she keeps, she doesn’t trust her anymore and feels that she’s cruel. Sometimes, she thinks she’s more evil than Kalona claims to be.

She got along with Cade early on and they quickly became close friends, almost like siblings. However, her feelings for him soon turned romantic when she finally realized that she liked him as more than a friend. She didn’t want to tell Cade about her feelings in fear it would ruin their friendship if he didn’t feel the same way. In Caster, Cade confessed his feelings for her and she was able to tell him that she felt the same way. She always thought highly of Cade and didn’t think less of him when he told the group about what he had done in the past. He was one of the few people that she trusted completely. However, after he cheated on her in Aspienne and watching him help Zen kill Thawon, she no longer trusts him. She regrets losing her virginity to him because she knows that Kalona is a much better man than Cade will ever be.

Klara Fletcher

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