Mable Beckenshire

Thief, Baker


A older human woman, who is shorter in height, with brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears simple clothes that help her to blend into the background. She usually keeps 2 daggers and her set of thieves tools on her at all times.



When Mable was younger, she used to be a common thief. One day, she was attempting to steal from an elven man named Acheron when he caught her. Instead of turning her in, he asked her out on a date. They eventually fell in love and he came to stay with her in the town of Rorken. Before they could get married, Archeron was called away on some business and he never returned. Unknown to him, Mable had become pregnant with her son, Cade, she stopped her thieving ways, and opened up a bakery. When Cade was growing up, she did what she could to keep him happy, even when he was being picked on for being a half-elf. When Cade accidentally killed Erick Von Vallas, she helped her son pack up and disappeared with him. She now lives in Lake Town and opened up another bakery called Slice of Heaven.

She helped her son fight Atlas Fletcher in this fight she was killed. Thanks to the help of Cade and Zen she was reasureced.

Mable Beckenshire

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