Spy, Gambler, Murderer, Deceased


His older description is:
He is burly and strong, he had red hair and bears with the beginning of silver to appear. He is heavy set and played a simpleton, with a mischievous nature.

His more recent description is:
He has silver hair and a silver beard, 4 diagonal scars cut across his face and some continue down his neck. He is still heavy set, burly and less strong than he was he is 75 years old which in this time is mostly unheard of the only reason he is probably alive is he pays well to the leader of the thieves guild/black market and she keeps him alive as long as the money is flowing.


Thawon grew up in Shaymoore along with Rennyn and was a mentor for him as part of the Shaymoore rebellion when Rennyn joined. Rennyn actually climbed the ranks and became one of the squad leaders. During one of their attacks against the law makers of Shaymoore it seemed that they had been betrayed by someone within their ranks. It actually was Thawon he had been caught and told them if they let him go he would give them one of there leaders and stop a soon happening attack they agreed and he then became a spy for the city. Rennyn was injured during that attack and when he was running he happened to remember the old tale that his grandmother told him about how if you go to the forest and find the old tree you will be saved and protected by the forces of the forest.

It took a few years for Thawon to hear about Rennyn being alive because he believed that Thawon was still his friend. He originally turned him in because he was jealous, when he met the Zenthya he was even more jealous that he somehow had a chance to meet a wonderful women and fall in love he slowly started visiting them in the forest.

He knew Zen was suspicious of him so he tried his hardest to stay out of her way. When Rennyn brought up the rebellion and if it still was working they started going on little things to help them out. As Rennyn told Thawon about Zen’s ability and the odd magic of the forest Thawon told the leaders of the town and they believed Rennyn could tell them how to control those powers and make it so no one could escape the Shaymoore’s rule. He convinced Rennyn that the rebellion needed some help navigating a part of the forest and stupidly his child decided to tag along. So when the ambush captured them he got such joy seeing the betrayal on Rennyn’s face.

They tourtured them to try to find out the secrets of the forest when they did not get their way they stabbed Ithium first in the chest and eventually stabbed Rennyn and eventually the leopard spirit that gave Zen Cyra Started attacking the ambush and Thawon got what he wanted when he slit Ithiums throat then his father Rennyn’s saying he would be paying his wife a visit soon. Instead he ran for his life out of the forest.

Injured and fearing for his life he made his way to Aspienne to stay in the black market trade as a spy who just loves to gamble So he has spent the last 26 years becoming rich and enjoying the suffering that he brought to his friend and waits for death to take him.


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