Vincent Langnar

EX-Bounty Hunter, EX- Inquisitor, Deceased


A handsom man who was recently killed by the adventures.Screen_Shot_2016-05-20_at_1.17.52_AM.png


He used to be a renowned bounty hunter he tracked down people with bounties on their heads for a price. Used to be a ladies man before he was killed. Not much was know about how he always got the information he needed from his captives but it was thought he tortured them for his information and pleasure. He was a worshiper of Sulerain a lesser goddess of death and slaughter.

He was pissed when Jack had gotten the adventures out of trouble again. So he heard that they were going to Aspienne and he planned to ambush them. He brought 8 guards with him he almost got them all but in the end the adventures defeated them.

also here is some awesome art of vincents menvincents_men.jpg

Vincent Langnar

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