Aspienne started out as a simple town and one day a man named Mr. Ward suggested a way to bring new people to town. His idea created the Bladed Shadow Arena which is the main center piece of the town. The town has a constantly growing economy that is supported by the arena’s trade, the black-market and the constant influx of travelers. The town is technically run by 3 separate people Mr. Ward who runs the arena and is the founder of the town, Lord Allen a ginger man with a goatee who is the law appointed ruler, and Chisa Rahri the blond woman who rules the Black market. Chisa and Allen are dating each other.

Bladed Shadow Arena
this was build 150 years ago because of the suggestion of Mr. Ward. It was designed by a mixed group of arcaneist who magically enchanted the arena so it can change for each round of fighting. It can hold up to many thousands of people. Who can watch the tournament easily even if the players can’t see the spectators. The inside has different stair ways those that are not guarded are for normal seating the others are for more important people.

“A large coliseum shaped building made of smooth stone it stands as the largest building in the town. It stands many stories high with high buttresses with flags from many different areas of the world. There are many large arches around the bottom that lead into the arena.”

“Inside the walls are painted with depictions of battles and champions. Many other archways are inside some have armed guards at them. There are 4 grand archways with runes surrounding them.“

because of this arena and the champions it has created over the years this town has changed to become very welcoming to those who win so there is a special spot in the cemetery where past winners can be buried along with a plaque of their achievements. And the local library has a much info as it can about all the important adventurers that have been there.

Important people
Mr. Ward
Lord Allen
Chisa Rahri

Champions Winnings: if you win in the Arena you get a wonderful prize.
Babies!?: The winnings from the arena have dragon eggs in them.
Crown Jewels: see Caster
Where did it go: see Caster


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