Belmont is a city on the continent of Arridia and is one of the larger cities on the continent. It’s a large center of trade, with the goods sold being of both the legal and illegal kinds, and is home to a few temples. The city is ruled by the Winford family, which has ruled there for many generations.

The city separated into different districts, which distinguish class, types of business, trades, housing, etc., but each district is surrounded by a wall. There are three main walls within the city. Wall Maria is the largest and outermost stone wall that surrounds the entire city. Wall Rose is the middle stone wall that surrounds the Schuyler and Marquis Districts in the center of the city. Wall Sina is the innermost wall and it surrounds the castle.

Dalton District
The Dalton District is located near Wall Rose and is home to many former adventurers and middle class people. This district is popular within the city, mainly because of the variety of businesses located there and the atmosphere the district has. With so many adventurers, past and present, there seems to always be something interesting going on.

Boar District
This district is usually referred to as the slums, since it’s where most of the lower class people live within the city. It’s also home to the majority of the illegal trade within the city. Under King Adrian Winford’s rule, the Boar District was home to many magic users.

Fisher District
This is where the vast majority of the common people live within the city and it’s nearest to the river that runs along the southern end of the city. It’s not the nicest district of the city, but it’s definitely not the worst, and it is home to a handful of shops, a few small temples, and a small library.

Schuyler District
This district is where most of the nobility live within the city and is home to the castle as well. It’s heavily guarded by royal and city guards and the only people allowed into this district are the people who live there, the city council, the royal family, and those with the permission to be there. In this district, there is also a library, barracks for the royal guards, and a large temple to Bahamut.

Mulligan District
This is where most of the common trade happens within the city. Very few people live in this area, but with the amount of business that happens here, there’s always a constant stream of people moving through the district.

Marquis District
As the military and guard district of the city, it contains the barracks for both the military and the city guards. It is also the headquarters for Guardian Kian Summerwolf, the Master of Defense for the city.

Laurens District
This district is home to many scholars within the city due to it being home to the lyceum, university, and multiple small libraries.

Eliza District
Also known as the Temple District, the Eliza District is where most of the temples are located within the city, is where most of the clergy stay, and has the city’s only orphanage. It’s also where the large cemeteries are located within the city.

Reynolds District
This district is commonly called the Warehouse District because it consists of mostly warehouses and storage buildings for the businesses within the city. It also acts as a hub for traders.

Burr District
This district is where most of the craftsmen and skilled labor within their city have their shops. It is also home for a large number of people.

Thomas District
As the farming district of the city, this is where most of the city’s farmers and ranchers live. The people who live here work the lands within and outside the walls of Belmont.

Important People
Royal Family
Queen: Esra Winford
Queen’s Consort: Rowan Blackwood

Council Members
Dwarven Representative: Brangrom Embersteam
Elven Representative: Dazana Orokom
Dragonborn Representative: Tazkul Cincodir
Arcanist: Alyssandra Albane
Arbiter/ Captain of the Guard: Sira Ventoris
Guardian/ Master of Defense: Kian Summerwolf
Master of Trade:
Master of Secrets/ Seeker: Reylar Ventoris

Former Council Members
Dragonborn Representative: Mornaar Dullec— Removed from the council after suggesting something against his home continent’s wishes in The Dawning Mirror. He was replaced by Tazkul Cincodir.
Master of Trade: Baudouin Mehal— After the adventurers found that money went missing from Belmont’s treasury, he was arrested and removed from the council.

Savine Fel- A tiefling wizard and the owner of the Crimson Raven in the Boar District
Vox Machina- a famous group of adventurers
Daeris- An elven paladin who was actually Bahamut in disguise.
Zerron Rask
Riztel Kilani
Fynn Bostor

Completed Quests
Secrets in the Dark (Side Campaign)- The adventurers found themselves in the city where magic users were persecuted by King Adrian Winford because the king believed that his wife had been killed by sorcerer a few years before. The King’s daughter, Esra Winford, had been ‘kidnapped by a sorcerer’ and the king asked the adventurers to rescue his daughter. The adventurers found Esra and helped her overthrow her corrupt father.

A New Dawn (Side Campaign)- With King Adrian out of power, the future of the city looks bright, but there’s much work to be done. Soon after Esra’s coronation, a young woman is found murdered in the Fisher District. The adventurers followed all possible leads and after a couple days and one more murder, they found the killer in an abandoned Temple of Nerull south of the city. The murderer was arrested and is awaiting his punishment.

Brews and Chews (Side Campaign)- A major rat infestation lead the Golden Bear Brewery to ask for help. Luckily, the infestation was resolved by the adventurers.

To Kill a Dragon (Side Campaign)- After picking up a job offer from the job board in the Copper Dragon Tavern in the Dalton District, the adventurers made their way to A Brewed Awakening, a magic and potions shop in the Boar District. There, they met a male drow that wanted them to collect 5 vials of dragon’s blood from a young black dragon on the coast, two to three days of travel from the city. The adventurers were successful at slaying the beast and collecting the needed blood and made their way back to the city. After giving the vials to the drow, they were rewarded by him and found out that his name is Veldrin.

Unsavory Things (Side Campaign)- Quintrell’s former employer, a male human by the name of Mustafa, is in the city and Quintrell’s sure he’s up to no good. Mustafa used to deal in “unsavory things,” according to Quintrell, while he worked for Mustafa and he’s sure that his boss hasn’t changed a bit. He’s asked the adventurers to keep an eye on him and see what’s he’s up to. The adventurers saw a caravan that possible belongs to Mustafa near the Crimson Raven. The adventurers tried to figure out what was in his caravan, but the guards shooed them away before they were able to see. After a few failed attempts at speaking with Mustafa, they learned from the prostitute, Jamie, that Mustafa dealt in drugs mostly, but was here to buy slaves. Eventually, Tallis was able to make a deal with him and used a spell to transport them into a nearby alley and killed him.

Help a Cousin Out (Side Campaign)- Dolmin’s cousin, Grenbek, runs a mine in the mountains north of the city and recently his cousin’s employees have been attacked while working in the mines. He’s looking for someone to clear out of the mines so it’s safe for his workers to return to them. This lead to the party meeting up withVash, a half-elven ranger named Leif, and a human bard, and eventually found themselves in the Underdark. For more information, see the Quest: Out of the Abyss.

Overgrown (Side Campaign)- Farmer Earl needs help clearing out over-grown crops.

Quests In Progress
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Side Campaign)- Livi’s had a huge crush on Vance ever since she first saw him, except she’s too shy to tell him how she feels. The adventurers talked to Vance to see what he liked in a woman and slightly creeped him out.

Be a Man (Side Campaign)- Colt is a weak, young man, who wants to be more than just a baker, needs help to become the adventurer he dreams of being and he’s starting on that path by being a guard. However, since he has no experience, he needs all the training he can get.

Out of the Abyss- Demon lords have emerged in the Underdark and are causing havoc in the depths below the surface world. It’s now a race to see if the adventurers can send them back to the Abyss before it’s too late.

Quests Not Yet Started
A Teacher for Grognak (Side Campaign)- Grognak wants to learn Common, but he doesn’t have any money, but he’s strong and offers his help with other tasks

Here Kitty, Kit- Noble? (Side Campaign)- A small, white cat, who answers to “Fluffy” is missing and is quite dangerous. The adventurers have been asked to return him to Archmage Andrew’s Polymorpher’s tower.

Return to Power (Side Campaign)- The adventurers took a note off of the job board at the Copper Dragon that read, "If you are reading this, I hope you are adventurers of good, stout spirit. The task I entrust to you is fraught with danger and desperation. If you are willing to meet with me, come to the Crimson Raven at night and I will seek you out.”

Small Medium at Large (Side Campaign)- A gnomish diviner is wanted for fraud.


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