Order of the Ghostslayers
Head: Ludovic Kovar

Order of the Mutant
Head: Brakk Stoneheart

Order of the Profane Soul
Head: Seiridani Rhoveni

Order of the Lycan
Head: Namine Lunaris

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have some grave news we have taken a huge loss recently. This loss hits our family in the Order of the Lycan the most. As some of you may know a larger group went on a mission about 1 year ago. We have just received news that only one was able to make it back alive. Yes we all knew when we started this battle against the darkness that it would be dangerous and that many of us would loose their lives, and many of us would see many of our friends who we consider family die.
While this is grave news that none in our order likes to hear about that is not why we are writing to everyone in the Bloodhunters. We are writing to everyone to inform them that there is a godly threat that is targeting Bloodhunters. Because of this we calling in an executive order every Bloodhunter under the rank of Blood council (level 6) is required to return to their Guild house, or be stay with higher-ranking members of the guild. All other guild members are required to travel with at least one other guild member at all times.
These are grave times, we all shall mourn those who were lost and prepare for the coming battle. Lean on your fellow brothers and sisters at arms, and stay alive at all cost.
Ludovic Kovar – Order of the Ghostslayers
Brakk Stoneheart – Order of the Mutant
Seiridani Rhoveni – Order of the Profane Soul
Namine’ Lunaris – Order of the Lycan


Absit Invidia TadderDM