The Triple Realm

Also known as Azzagrat, these three layers of the Abyss are ruled by the Dark Prince, Graz’zt, from the fantastic Argent Palace in the city of Zelatar, whose bustling markets and pleasure palaces draw visitors from across the multiverse in search of obscure magical lore and perverse delights. The demons of Azzagrat present a veneer of civility and courtly comity by Graz’zt’s command. This does not mean that these layers are without danger. It is as dangerous as any other part of the Abyss and planar visitors can vanish without a trace in its mazelike cities and in forests whose trees have serpents for branches.

Layers of the Triple Realm
This layer is a windswept steppe with a continual grey sky. All sounds here are muted and faded into the background noise, even the most terrible screams. Overall, the landscape is unremarkable and details bleed together here, making it difficult to remember what has been seen before and what is new. This layer is home to the Viper Forest of Zrintor, Allagash, “Fogtown” in Zelatar, and the River of Salt.

Within this layer, the land shines with its own luminosity, projecting light and shadows upwards into the sky. The sky itself is dark and turns grey at night. This layer is home to Tornbend, the salt swamp, and “Gallenghast” in Zelatar.

This layer glows under the light of the blue sun. Heat and cold have an unusual relationship here and acts in opposite of what’s expected. Fire burned blue and purple and cold magic became hot. The demons here became hurt by fire but immune by cold. The blue light of the sun made it difficult to discern the features of an individual and so it’s frequently used by visitors to help disguise themselves. This layer is home to the Bay of Choking Bile, Samora, and “Darkflame” in Zelatar.

Cities and Towns of the Triple Realm
The capitol city of the Triple Realm. See the page, Zelatar, for more information.

This town was once a part of a demon breeding program, but one of Orcus’ armies came and destroyed the place. The unique demons that were bred there were reanimated. Eventually, the invaders were repelled, but no one knows if any strange demons still lurk there.

Once a trading outpost between demons and djinn who lived on an earthmote called Skyshrine, now stands abandoned since the djinn vanished. Skyshrine still hovers above Tornbend, anchored by a chain to the ground below.

A lawless den of vice and depraved dreams, the city is full of perfumed spires and pleasure pits.

Side Campaign
The adventurers and their companions found an end to their travels within the Abyss here, as the Blood Hunters they brought with them were able to sense the presence of the demon they were seeking within the city of Zelatar in the Gallenghast layer.

The Triple Realm

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