Based on the southern side of a waterfall with a vast forest to the north, the town of Westwend, on the continent of Arridia is home to many merchants, farmers, hunters, and their families.

The town itself looks modest. With the buildings bearing yew shingled rooftops and dark wooden walls, the streets made of cobblestone, and small flower gardens scattered along the roads, one can’t help but notice the rustic, yet cozy atmosphere of the town.

The economy of the town has been improving over the years, with the increase of farming, wood production, herbalism, and the fur trade in the area. But their biggest strengths are in advanced medicine and in rare animal breeding.

Important Places

The Dusty Duck Tavern: Since it’s the only tavern in town, it’s a pretty popular place. Basically everyone in the town visits here.

Cort’s Farm: Cort comes from the Northern Hills, from Barbarian folk, and doesn’t wear much (it’s pretty much a loin cloth and that’s it). He doesn’t have much patience and he has a tattoo of a badger on his chest that’s named Gary that can come to life. His wife, Edna, went with a man called the Broker on an adventure and hasn’t been seen since. He used to be an adventurer too, but decided to retire and raise badgers instead.

Victor’s Black Powder Shop: The black powder shop doesn’t see much business most of the time. It’s run by Victor, a lithe, crooked-looked man, who is quite elderly but very spry for his size. His arms and legs are quite spider-like and lanky. He has frazzled, grey hair and wears spectacles, at least for his work. Supplied with a variety of refuse from mining operations, he utilizes them in the creation of black power. Erratic and eccentric, he is considered to be a “crazy old coot” by some denizens of the town.

Rare Cow Farm: A farm that raises cows of strange colors, like pink, neon-green, and so forth.

Polymorpher’s Tower: The tower, owned by the wizard, Finethir Shinebright, is located just a few miles outside of Westwend.

Side Campaign

Tallis and Shady met and started their adventure here in the town. They didn’t really like the town, for they thought it was too quaint and “perfect” for their tastes.


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