This page is to provide information about the various known dragons across the world.

Chyllyl- The Graceful

Pronunciation: (Chell-ell)

Chyllyl is a Copper Dragon wyrmling. She was hatched from her red egg by the adventurer, Zenthya Alana Silvie, after they collected their dragon hoard winnings from the tournament in Aspienne. To be hatched, her egg had to be immersed in strong acid for about 1 week. After the egg had been immersed, she emerged and bonded with Zen, where they had a tense relationship over the beginning of her life.

Zilanthar- The Talkative

Pronunciation: (Zil-an-thar)

Zilanthar is a Brass Dragon wyrmilng. He was hatched from his green egg by the adventurer, Cade Beckenshire, after the tournament, similar to Chylly. To be hatched, his egg had to be kept in an open flame with high temperatures for about 1 week. After staying in the open flame, he emerged and bonded with Cade, where he quickly learned many different languages and talked Cade’s ear off for the beginning of his life.

Kurvonis-The Silver Snake

Pronunciation: (Cur-von-nis)

Kurvonis is a Silver Dragon wyrmling. He was hatched from his blue egg by the adventurer, Klara Fletcher, similar to the others. To be hatched, his egg had to be encased in snow or ice for about 1 week. After staying in such frigid temperatures, he emerged and saw Klara, where he quickly bonded with her. He greatly enjoys hunting with her and with the prospects of her adventuring again, he has chosen to stay with Klara for the known future.

Synn-The Soundless

Pronunciation: (Sin)

Synn is a Deep Dragon/ Purple Dragon wyrmling. She was hatched from her lavender egg by the adventuring group, Absit Invidia. She was the last egg the group received from their dragon hoard winnings, but with the adventurers not knowing how to care for the egg, when she hatched, no one was there for her to bond with. To be hatched, her egg had to be in darkness or covered in dirt for at least 1 week. After she emerged from her egg, the adventurers had no idea how to handle her, since no one seemed to know how to connect with her. She stayed with the group until they made it back to Caster, where they met back up with their friend, Sean (Jack) McLoughlin, who she showed interest in. Seeing that Synn was interested in Jack, the group made the decision to leave her with him. Since then, they have had a great relationship and she has chosen to stay with him until the near future.

Alduin- The World Eater

Pronunciation: (Al-do-in)

Alduin is a young Black Dragon. He was made a companion by Kalona Fletcher when he was a wyrmling. In the beginning, they did not have the best relationship, since it was more of a servitude for the wyrmling. However, as time went on, they both began to have a mutual respect for each other. Now, he is proud to help Kalona.

Themberchaud- The Wyrmsmith

Pronunciation: (Them-bur-chaood)

Themberchaud is an adult red dragon who resides as the Wyrmsmith for the duergar city of Gracklstugh in the Underdark. His job is to keep the city’s smethers and forges ablaze, receiving treasure, free meals, and pampering in return. However, like the other Wyrmsmiths before him, he is growing too strong for the city’s liking and his “keepers” are forming a plan to slay him and replace him with a new red hatchling.

Rynseinth- The Eternal Ice

Pronunciation: (Ren-see-in-eth)

Rynseinth is an ancient white dragon, who lives near Kurnboldihr. The dragon is both a nuisance and a blessing to the city for without it, the city’s port would be rendered completely useless in winter storms. However, the dragon understands his importance and demands payment in precious gems and coins to keep him appeased. As long as his payments are met, he leaves the city proper alone, but has been known to terrorize the surrounding area.


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