This town is a huge town for trade. There are constantly coming and going form town. This town has a huge sea port in the Sea of Storms where most of the sea travel comes and goes from. This is also where a lot of International trade comes from. The more southern part of town is next to the Dragon’s Vale Woods.

Sir Alcred my be the “ruler” of the town but the true rulers are the members of the Merchants Guild.

Important Places:
Academic Building- where you can learn magic, shifting, fighting, and Herbology.
Merchants Guild

Important People:
Sir Alcred
Aren Wilso: Merchant Guild Leader
Uriris: Guild member
Coremin: Guild member
Morkyl: Guild member
Iriemeila: Guild member
Yune: Guild member
Zasur: Guild member
Kisora: Guild member
Nikolas (Grayson) Griemshaw: Guild member
Vancha Griemshaw

Babies see Aspienne
Tournament Winnings see Aspienne
Trade Issues-


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