Located within and spanning the three layers of The Triple Realm, the city of Zelatar is known for its bustling markets and pleasure palaces, which draws visitors from across the multiverse in search of obscure magical lore and perverse delights. The demons who live in the city present a veneer of civility and courtly comity by Graz’zt’s command.

The Dark Prince, Graz’zt, rules over the Triple Realm from the Argent palace, which is made up of sixty-six ivory towers, is surrounded by gardens, and is located in the center of the city. To those who don’t know better, Graz’zt seems like the most humanoid of the demon lords and those who think that greatly underestimate the capacity for evil in his scheming heart. However, under his command, the demons who inhabit the city treat the visitors and merchants of the city with some amount of respect, so the city itself is relatively safe for outsiders compared to other parts of the Abyss.

The streets of the city are maze-like, which can make it easy to get lost within it, and the majority of the businesses within the city deal in what would be considered “black market” goods on the Material Plane. Drugs, prostitution, and slaves are items commonly sold, as well as parts from dangerous and rare creatures. Obscure and dark magical items are also for sale here but they usually come at a hefty price.

Gallenghast Market
This is one of the largest markets within the Gallenghast layer of the city. The majority of the merchants sell their wares out of covered stands, but around the perimeter of the market, there are multiple shops and taverns that are located within buildings. Being one of the more popular markets, it’s usually quite busy with demons and humanoids alike browsing the selections here.

Slaver’s Market
The Slaver’s Market is located to the south of the Gallenghast Market and sells a large variety of humanoids, rare and dangerous monsters and beasts, and some fey creatures. The most sought after and the most expensive beings in this market are celestials.

The Arena
A gladiator-style fighting arena where inhabitants of the city come to watch the brave fight vicious monsters and potentially get mauled by them. The participants of the arena are usually slaves, because it gives prestige and bragging rights to their owners as well as being extremely profitable. Sometimes, the fights correspond with an auction for the slaves that competed in the arena. Not all of the competitors are slaves, since some of them are simply inhabitants of the city or are adventurers.

Important Inhabitants
Graz’zt and his Noteworthy Minions
Graz’zt- The Dark Prince, ruler of the city and of the Triple Realm
Unhath and Reluhantis- female Marilith attendents who rule the Argent Palace with an iron fist while Graz’zt is away.
Orwantz- a Goristro that acts are Graz’zt’s personal border control agent for the realm
Rule-Of-Three- a male Cambion rogue, meets secretly with other fiends to strategize attacks against celestials, and can be hired for a ‘three-pronged price.’
Verin- the Chief Ambassador for Graz’zt and is sometimes known as ‘The Voice of Graz’zt.’

Cassius- Owner of The Whispering Willow tavern and a friend to the Blood Hunters
Aero- An Eladrin fighter Shady and Tallis freed from slavery while they were there
Hundor- A minotaur slaver, who at the time owned Aero, now deceased
Uriel- Sira’s former boyfriend and incubus, now deceased
Ruzena- Night hag and the owner of the magic shop, The Frozen Vial


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